Soo. Dear Pimax


Did you forget about me? Backer nr 515? :frowning:
Waiting for 5k BE and leap motion…




Hi Jakob:
sorry for late response. Could you share us the payment receipt on the difference price? We just find the order is P121946,but didn’t receive the fund.


P121946 100 dollars… still waiting for a clarification on different warranty on BE vs XR so i can choose which one



Hmm, weird , it seems no payment is registered from my bank account that day… How can I get a confirmed message if no money was sent?

Anyways i need to know if i want XR or BE, if I want XR then the extra payment is not needed anyways… i just hope i can revieve my headset soon , it does not feel fair yo hear preorders are recieving their headsets allready while us early backers are still waiting


Yes you don’t need to pay the difference price. We have arranged the delivery for you. suppose you can get the tracking number in 1-3 business days.