Soon™ suggestions

Ok. So there have been a lot of waiting since KS.

Can we have a bot lurking from official pimax comments on this forum searching for time-related terms (like next month/week, tomorrow, etc…) that reminds us (and the author too) when it happens ?

Think it will help keep up track of all this info, and highlight pimax ability (or lack of, WIP) as a company to fulfill their own scheduled promises.

It also would be good to have a ‘meme’ tag/section to help us vent frustration from this waiting game and this could be the place for salty/humoristic comments instead of having them every 2-3 comments everywhere else.

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It would be but Xunshu & Dallas posts are not as searchable as they once were. At a guess am unintended side effect of correcting potential security issues by Anonymizing these accounts.

This type of thing can happen due to not knowing better methods that could have been used.

Ie Demote Account; Remove linked Email account & Deactivate. Or Anonymize & Rename back to Original name to maintain message links.