Space Junkies, Scaling not working



Anyone else having an issue with space Junkies? The pitool, steam scaling sliders do nothing in game and overall the game appears very blury


There is a supersampling setting ingame and it doesnt go all the way up when setting the ingame graphics setting to ULTRA, you have to flip RESOLUTION up to Very High to go all the way.

I know there are issues with supersampling in some versions of the unreal engine, not sure if space junkies is affected tho.


Right i seen that and noticed it goes up but it feels like it is only upscale a lower resolution then what the pimax runs at. Kind if like it is defaulted to 1080p


Try exiting the game and upping the supersampling outside of it then, it might not want to scale dynamically.


No luck, has anyone who owns the game have a solution?


Ill start it up again and see what it looks like but when i played a couple of matches just a few days ago it looked fine.

Will report back soon.

EDIT: Looks fine to me, im running pitool at 1, steamvr at 130% for space junkies, ingame set to highest and TAA set to sharp.


Same issue for me. The game is not sharp. (like doom vfr)


I noticed it yesterday too.

HMD quality 1.25, SteamVR SS auto (52% on 2080 Ti with PP on).

Weird thing is it’s fine in the intro until the game launches (tutorial).

In-game settings maxed out.