Spanish testers getting M2


As I posted in the other thread, I’ve suggested @Cdaked and @Neoskynet can consult with a law firm first and that I will pay 100% of those consulting fees for them. Those guys deserve their review after all of their hard work.

Update#31 - 2 days countdown - M2 in-depth reviews are coming up from mid-Sep (Discussion)

i didn’t see post in other thread. been in and out of hospital and phone coverage is 0 there, if you can link, great. If you are offering that its incredibly kind of you.

But you get my point about not jumping the gun. sweviver being only m2 tester and outrage over that was a thing for a few days before berlin. and mr and voodoo only found out they were taking home used display models at the event. More m2’s may simply not exist yet, and if that is the case that’s a pretty solid limiting factor.

I hope they do get an m2, but given how mrtv got his, you could be looking at a delay.


Well you’re right that it’s not 100% certain from update#31, but it seems highly unlikely from that update that any other tester will get the M2.


you would have thought they would have had a lot of things for berlin. like a banner. XD or flyers or something.


Sometimes it’s not what you say, but the way that you say it :unamused:


please don’t feed the troll. you should know by now that this one only tries to stir up controversy.


Sometimes people can have genuine concerns , and these can be founded or unfounded, but their manner in seeking to have those concerned addressed can be inflammatory in terms of use of language and ultimately a little self undercutting.

While he may or may mot be a troll, i think it can only be of benefit not to dismiss him as one.

I would say from his posts that generally speaking he , or he and others feel like they are sitting on information that it would be better for consumers to know, but that they feel their hands are tied to one degree or another. I think there are ways for them to have these concerns that bypass the worry of breaking an NDA directly, but they rely on trust of the m2 testers we have and equally from this groups posts i feel like they do not trust the m2 testers for whatever reason to carry and execute this burden.

I think there is a lot of emotion, a lot of frustration. A desire to have their concerns vindicated. They may be wrong but i cant dismiss them out of hand.


I get the feeling this is the case :slight_smile: He was clearly impressed with the Star VR One. Despite the positive reactions from the Berlin meetup (fueled by beer) there seemed to be just as many pros vs cons. Lets not forget the M2 is being compared to first gen VR. Who knows what will be announced in the next 6 months


Well MRTV seems to think there’s no problem with the panel usage, at least that’s what I understood from him. And now that they’ve shut up @Neoskynet he can never explain his point of view and his arguments. Well he can of course, once Pimax ships his backed HMD, but until then nobody will know …


I think this is the main problem with the ‘3 musketeers’, nobody of them owns or has even tried the Pimax 4k. The Spanish testers did, I think all of them are Pimax 4k owners. I think this was the main reason they were disappointed, while the people comparing it to gen 1 were positive.


Well I do certainly agree he’s the most skeptical of the bunch. I just wish he’d tried the Pimax 4k before sending out his Pimax 8k review.


Oh this is very true of course, I think the Pimax 4k is pretty much a failed product. Extreme ghosting, no controllers, no head tracking (other than gyro), no hardware IPD, makes it more of a ‘proof of concept’ product in my eyes. However it IS a good example of what a 4k panel can do and how it looks very good even though it’s upscaled. It seems most people now fail to see that. I’ve read a lot of comments here were people seem to accept that the Pimax 8k is not nessarily better than the pimax 5k ‘because it’s upscaled’.


The promise, it must apply to testers as well.
Well, I suspect that lens disassembly or hardware disassembly is a violation of the NDA (very serious), and no company would be pleased to disclose important information about the product to someone through hardware decomposition. Because of this, pimax may have felt the need to reorganize the tester group’s trust relationship.
In fact, I do not know the contents of the NDA, I just guess.


It wasn’t exactly like that, but we can’t talk about it.


The device had fallen and the lens just came off itself. No reverse engineering or disassembly took place at all.


Sorry. I do not want to talk about this anymore. I hope that your efforts will lead to good results. However, I hope that there is no legal problem.


Thanks crony (20 chars)


Well on the 16th only the NDA for 3 testers will be lifted. Sweviver is not going to give any surprises, he loves Pimax and loves the device, we all already know what he’s going to say. MRTV seems more unbiased and more critical so it will be interesting to hear his opinion for sure. But none of them have tried the Pimax 4k. The Spanish testers all did.

So it’s really a matter of your frame of reference. It’s a nice device if you compare to gen 1, I believe that for sure. But the 8k could have been so much better …


That sounds quite funny out of your mouth.


It’s nonsense what you’re writing. NONE of the other testers get M2. Nor the Spanish guys, not pumcy, not Slack3r, nor the professor, none of them