Spanish testers getting M2


Maybe, but I don’t think with easy fixes. The pimax 8k only can see 50% of the panel sharp. Their ‘fried egg’ design just doesn’t work well.


I don’t think anybody takes that @allocen guy here seriously, if you read what he has been posting in the past.


Well the point here is that upscalling DOES work. People here seem to have come to accept that the Pimax 8k isn’t much better than the pimax 5k+ “because it does upscaling”. That’s just nonsense. Anybody who has tried the Pimax 4k knows that.

We have a device with two 4k panels and a device with two 1440p panels and people say that it’s normal that they’re about the same because the ‘8k does upscaling’. Really, go try a Pimax 4k.


This is an 100% correct analysis. Very well said.

Anyway I’ve made my point and will leave it at this.


So you once tried it and felt it wasn’t for gaming. That’s probably correct. Yet if you’d compare it to the pimax 8k, which the spanish guys have done extensively, side by side, even swapping lenses, then you might understand what they’re saying (eeh… can NOT say I mean)


Nobody knows. But lenses were of course very different so it’s quite possible.

Too bad the guy is not here to tell us. I get the idea that he’s not happy at all.

Since Pimax has shut-up the Spanish testers, we’ll have to wait till Pimax starts shipping the units to the backers and people at home can compare the Pimax 8k to the Pimax 4k in terms of SDE and clarity.


Sjef, are you really encouraging the Spanish testers to sue Pimax? Because they don’t appear to be sending them another iteration of the 8k to test/review?

How does being sent a free product to try out on the condition you dont tell the world its flaws entitle you to keep receiving new versions, for free, indefinitely?

Like you I’m not a law expert. But this sounds like a particularly frivolous lawsuit.

Entitlement culture?


I’m encouraging them to ask professional advice whether they can just go ahead and release their info. I’m not even sure if they’re interested in this. I’m just offering to pay their legal fees, because I feel really sorry for these guys. Nobody deserves to be treated like Pimax treated them. All that work they’ve done and then this.


Thats just ridiculous. How’s does not sending you another testing product to try entitle you to break an existing NDA?



It’s quite simple. You hire somebody, then as a part of his job you make him sign an NDA and then after he’s done his work you refuse to pay him. The NDA is signed as part of your work contract. If there never was any contract because you didnt respect it, then the NDA isn’t valid neither. At least I think it’s quite plausible it works like that.


It’s not about sending the new unit. It’s about the fact that Pimax attracted these guys with the promise that they could do a review. Now they’re breaking that promise, all the work those guys have done is for nothing now, at least from their perspective.


You’re just digging yourself deeper into a hole here.

Hired? You’re suggesting the spanish testers were paid? I’m a fairly balanced, neutral guy, but what you’re saying is making no sense.


It seems you’re just looking for an argument to fight. Of course nobody paid them. They did have an agreement though (“I help you, then I may do a review”) and the NDA was part of that agreement.


Please show me this agreement and how they broke it.


Well I’m no legal expert but this I know 100% sure since I’ve literally been in a lawsuit like this. You don’t have to ‘sign’ an agreement in order to have one. As long as you make it clear from both sides what you want and what you expect, then you have an agreement that holds up in court.


i mean if you are going down that road you should really have a lawyer read that nda. nda’s dont have to be bilateral power agreements, you can have a line in there that is basically darth vaders ‘i am altering the deal pray i do not alter it further’ . and if a rep promised a review but its not specifically in the nda they are probably shit out of luck too. You need to be really careful not to push them in public into a pre-emptive action too honestly, so if you guys do plan on flexing you should keep that shit under your hat until you actually do it or know you have a case.


The agreement was, as all over the forums, that the testers would help Pimax testing the device and as reward could do a review. That’s an ‘agreement’ that will hold up in pretty much any court if you’d want to go there (which would be silly of course, since all you can gain is doing a review, but I’m just mentioning it as you seem to not even believe this).

The question is of course if voiding that agreement also voids the NDA. A lawyer can answer that, hence my willingness to pay for those fees.

Anyway I don’t really care if you believe me or not, I’m getting a bit bored with your remarks.


Well at least you have some insight into the fact that is is completely ridiculous.

Do you normally go round offering to pay legal fees for people to make frivolous lawsuits that would never get to, let alone hold water, in court?

Again,.since your obviously better informed than me about this NDA. Please show me the agreement and the breach incurred.

Is this what the Spanish testers want?


Well it’s all stated right there. @sjefdeklerk has a fair point. “Testers agree on a date” "Testers can share discussions with the open community


I think there are also other issues at play here as well, but of course they are only a guess.

I agree if testers of the M1 aren’t privy to the M2, it doesn’t seem fair to them, but for one problem, the Spanish Inquisition was a group…not one guy. Logistics of letting them all try when they are all spread over the place is problematic.

If I remember correctly they were also the last ones (by quite a long time) to get the M1s due to hold ups in customs?

If these assumptions are both true, the question then, is there a benefit to the overall populace of backers to delay the release another month or more to allow for that? This also still relates back also to my question in the other topic…that the tester “green light” is a moot point as it looks like that went out the window as well. We know that the company has not been very good at communication here, so this is part of why I am giving a benefit of doubt. So while I agree they got the short end of the stick here, I don’t know that recommending legal action is really called for.

I am not a YouTuber or public figure that could be a tester, and I didn’t put hours into testing or providing results to the company so my perspective will not necessarily be the same, but that said, I got this whole process more as an effort for some enthusiasts to assist the company make a better headset and I think they contributed to that end. If I had been a tester, yes I would be disappointed about being left out of round 2, but I am not sure that I would feel the company would have to delay release due to my disappointment.

So I agree this hasn’t been the best situation, but considering some of the drama over the last 9 months, I can’t said I am not surprised with it and frankly I expect more bumps going forward when we get to the controllers. I would hope that the company recognizes the situation though and does something for the other testers.

Edit after update…
Well looks like per another posts the Inquisition is getting the M2s anyway…so this was a tempest in a teacup.