Speculations of Development


Sorry for the spam Dave. I just had to hit Sweviver up for trolling your seller thread unprovoked. He seemed to think anyone selling a pledge was a fool and went as far as saying he would sell his left nut for an 8K :wink: He couldn’t seem to understand people have their own personal reasons to sell. I just happened to be low on cash but not anymore thanks to your thread. Sale went through smoothly and I’ll be picking one up when I’m flush with coin and they go retail :slight_smile:

At the end of the day good things came of it. Sweviver finally admitted the M1 has some serious issues that still need resolving. Lens problems, Warping problems even issues with the housing cracking on multiple units because its too thin and corners are too sharp. No backers have given the green light and Production won’t be underway anytime soon. Hopefully Pimax will slow things down and take their time now


Sell your KS pledge for 8K and accessories here (or somewhere else, it's a free world)

That’s a bigger update than I have read anywhere else. I must have missed the Lens and warping problem post?
Also, Pimax have started Mass Production, they said so themselves. The testers have no real control over that, just advisory.


The “Business” customers will be like the 2nd beta group :wink: That way the backers might end up with a finished unit. Good outcome


@Davobkk is incorrect. @SweViver never once said the unit was perfect. It’s in testing & development. Simply if folks sell because of losing faith in the process because of “leaks” then yes it was a foolish decision.

If your selling due to personal reasons: ie losing interest in vr, financial reasons, political stability where you are etc. These are good reasons to sell.

When the team is ready to drop the curtain things will make perfect sense & those who sold their pledges for the wrong reason will likely be upset for doing so. To me it seems that some are sensitive to the decision they have made & are doubting their choice.

I said long ago now there are some nice surprises to come.


Nobody above has said Swe said the unit is perfect O.o

I thought I had missed a recent post on lens issues and warping issues as that was specifically mentioned by @Davobkk. The lenses are locked in now as far as I know so a new issue there would obviously be bad news. Is that the bit that you say @Davobkk is incorrect about?

I don’t mind minor issues or certain games that do not play well with wide FOV, that is acceptable and expected on a 1st version of a new product range imo.

Great. Looking forward to it. I have to wait even longer than you guys lol. All this ED talk has me wanting to build an entire room around it!


I think you missed his mentioning it is still eating small children and burning eyes out of sockets after 2 minutes of use. They were still stumped on those too.


LOL @Davobkk I admire what you do but man, give it up. People don’t want reality, they want to be sold a dream. If you pinch a hole in their dream, trying to get some sense into them, they’ll shoot you for being the messenger. It’s always like that. A few years ago a (small) broker robbed me for a big sum of money. I wanted to warn people about this broker, opened a thread on elitetrader.com telling what happened and that people should be careful and all I’ve got was SHIT thrown at me. Nobody believed me. Well they ended up all getting robbed in the end.

Of course this is a different situation, Pimax is not robbing anyone here and with the right set of expectations I’m sure they’ll be shipping out a nice HMD one day. But still, backers don’t want to hear about reality. They dont want to hear facts, they want to hear how awesome this HMD is going to be and that you can sell it for 2x the money at release. They’ll shoot you for trying to bring some sense to the table so I’m done with that. Good luck if you still continue trying but man, I’m telling you, SHIT will be your reward.


Did he mention it here on the forum, or somewhere else? Do you have a reference?


Ben at RoadtoVR said it best during his Panasonic Headset review aboit both StarVR & Pimax 8k.

There’s a reason its in Beta testing. These are custom lenses not standard round ones. The real reality is some are jumping to conclusions with incomplete info. Some ppl here problem has been the perception being positive is a bad thing.


You’re literally lying, where did he say this…? No one said this. Give us proof and I’ll delete my account.


LOL after all the insults you’ve thrown you now DEMAND things?? You can really just FUCK off.


Aye, the issue is that official people who do know “behind closed doors info” drop hints because there are so many people desperate for real info, and then other people have no choice but to try and work out what those hints mean in more detail then if those others start getting it wrong, the original official person that dropped the hint in the first place can not correct them because that would be revealing an even bigger hint lol. It must be so frustrating for everybody on each side of the NDA.

Edit: That RoadToVR article, was that v5 though? will go find it.



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You guys are really something special. :dizzy_face:


Where did Sweviver say that? you have a link?


I suspect about lenses and warping problem too. Some hacked details from closed room of tester again?

Do any tester break the NDA?

@xunshu what do you think about this situation, or you should move to talk in another place?


What a shit -show this fourm has devolved into…its both hilarious and a downer to check in lately. I can only imagine what newcomers must think about what they come across here.


I think Pimax should take some responsibility. The NDA should have been lifted after testing.
Having baseless negativity and rumour spread is far worse than having legitimate worries and constructive criticism based around real findings.


I find it funny now, seriously.

I remember suffering the harm´s of anxiety so much in the DK1, then in the DK2, then with CV1 and Vive, then Odyssey and now here i am, again, biting my nails waiting for the Pimax.

It must be addictive, because i really like to crave for “things” that are in development.

It´s the cost of the bleeding edge of technology.

There will always be drama and not enough popcorn to enjoy it all.


I agree. I was hoping to find out what the tester issues are with the M1 after Pimax had time to discuss them privately with testers so they could at least turn anything negative into positive solutions going forwards, backers and interested parties would be even more interested about how they plan to solve issues found.

Sadly, I think Pimax have now said the NDA for M1 testing will remain in place indefinitely. How can they report on progress if they do not want to talk about it at all?