Speculations of Development


From one Dav… to another, apology accepted.

Who knew his left nut was a kidney.

Speaking of which, I think I recall him saying that he isn’t recording any videos of his testing. Probably because he spends 12+ hours a day playing Waifu Sex Simulator.


This summer’s biggest blockbuster! 10 people from all over the world, 1 forum, caught in an infinite feedback loop of lies, distrust and deception.
Who will fight his way back to reality?


It was the Panasonic 220 fov article. He didn’t specify from what I remember which 8k as it was general. But likely was the v5 or overall.


You still can’t give us evidence that he said that. Why? Cause he literally didn’t say that. Keep pretending to know shit when you have 0 proof. Now you’re telling me to F off just cause I said provide proof? Alright mate. You’re still not right in the head, leave this forum for a few days and relax. Do you really not have anything else to do…?


The Spanish VR website (where Pacotaco and among others @Cdaked are M1 testers) is an Oasis of peace.

I have watched the quality and content of several VR websites internationally and the German and Spanish ones are really good. All participating members in all countries are really engaged and none is really negative. Just engaged and inquisitive.

The Spanish one: https://www.realovirtual.com/foro/8358/pimax-8k
The English translation (if you use Google Translate) is working fine for this site.
Its a different style of engagement. And they are really keeping NDA at a high level of integrity.


Don’t ask for proof, @sjefdeklerk will tell you to “fuck off” bro.


Testing is not complete. And to make it easy. Regular headsets use Barrel distortion for as in round. We are dealing with custom lenses that are not run of the mill.

Beta means still testing & developing. Hardware maybe final but software is not.


Not too worry. One often finds eggs on face when one finds out they were mistaken in in correct assumptions.


I know I am still hungover from last nights England match but what in the land of Nog do you mean?


He’s spending most his time testing the pimax and reporting stuff to the pimax team in order to improve the headset, and you’re out here making fun of him? Have an ounce of shame you melt


They haven’t lifted the nda because testing is still ongoing


For Sale: x 1 “Sense of Humor Gland”.



The problem is that some backers are assuming that pimax 8k will be the pinnacle of vr headsets. All the headsets that i tried have so many problems but people like it anyways.

Vive - bad god rays, die with sweat, to some people have to much brightness, small sweet spot, expensive, bad sde, no comfortable for glasses.

vive pro - better screen/resolutions, and good to glasses but the rest is the same like vive, the phones are not good, the mic is not good.

Rift- very bad god rays, good sweet spot, but, some people like me see a black vertical line in the midlle of the eyes, not very good tracking, not comfortable for glasses.

Lenovo, better sde but the sweet spot and fov are not very good, greenish colors screen, weak material, bad problems with tracking, leak light and little god rays.

Samsung odissey, bad tracking, not good for glasses, not very good sweet spot, heavy, some people said that have better resolution but see more sde than rift.

I will not talk about other wmr headsets, they are worst than lenovo explorer, except quality.

For me pimax 8k will have better resolution, but a little more blurry, huge fov but distortions in the edges, washed colors and a little darker but not like 4k. Some problems with ipd, i hope that the black vertical line will not appear but im not optimistic. Will be heavy. Material quality will be better than lenovo but worst than vive pro, 80hz and worst perfomance with weaker machines, software will not be as good as rift.

No, pimax 8k will not be perfect and i dont understand how people think will be :smile:



Lol, thanks for the inserted humor @D3Pixel and @George… we had a mellow day yesterday on the forums, I hope the dust doesn’t get kicked up too much from those catching up. :slight_smile:


No I only tell that to you after all the shit you’ve thrown at me as a ‘thank you’ for updating you guys on the situation


Don’t know what kind of history has gone on between you two guys…but that is a very valid question to ask of Davobkk after he made such a direct claim of what Sweviver has allegedly said about specific warping, lens and manufacturing issues.


Yeah they’re positive because, lucky them, sjefdeklerk and Davobkk aren’t Spanish or German…


Thank you for being reasonable.


@kloperius I have to disagree about the source or the problem. What i see the problem been is that some ppl talk about potential problem about the pimax 8k like they are real and proven problem. When we all know they aren’t part of the tester and don’t have the device on hand so either get outside information from who knows where and even that could be bad info or are speculating so well that they believe there own speculation to be the one and only truth.

Obviously the pimax 8k is not perfect since they are still working on flaws and wont be at release. But it has the potential to be very good(or anyway that is what i believe). Some backer might want to believe it’s gonna be the perfect HMD but i think most of the ppl defending pimax are doing it because the information been brought to the table are unreliable information so of-course they will defend it(they still believe and so do I).

@ppl in general
I don’t really understand the mindset of some ppl who analyses every information only to see potential problem.
You gave your money to a company in hope of a good product, will it make you feel better if said project fail because you then can say “I told you they would have x y problem”? Does it make you feel better about your decision even today?

To be clear I think been critical is important and raising potential issue is useful but once it’s been raised in a critical non negative manner then your job is done. No sens in trying to convince other ppl they are not working on the device.