Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



Thanks. I wont have time to try it until late tonight but im looking forward to it.


One day i too may get to try out my own lol
The day will be a long one for you my friend


Mine too!! Will have to wait until tonight.


Just arrived. The outer box is not very well protected from knocks and bumps though. Thanks Pimax for delivery. I won’t be able to test it just yet though.


Congrats soon be time to play lol


Reminder @Dallas.Hao, @Matthew.Xu, and @PimaxVR

Yeah, it’s yust 2 days past, but news around are not good.
As stated in an other thread: [5k BE Delivery and production](https://forum.pimaxvr.com/t/5k-be-delivery-and-production

Please describe, how you would handle the logistics with the backers from central europe. While there is a hard BREXIT on the horizon.



Hey Crump, Did you receive your Pimax yet? Which one did u opt for?


Howdy. Yep, I got it but I haven’t been able to use it yet because I’m waiting for a displayport adapter. I have a Razer laptop so it has a mini displayport. I ordered the 8K X with the 8K loaner so it is the 8K loaner. It doesn’t come with controllers or the base stations so I have to track down the base station for the Oculus or Vive.


You can’t use an Oculus camera/“sensor” for the Pimax.

Pimax headsets (and Vive headsets for that matter) uses SteamVR sensors on the headset which “sees” light (laser) emitted from the “Vive” (actually SteamVR) lighthouses/basestations.

Oculus headsets uses cameras/“sensors” that track the headset which emits light in various places.

They’re not compatible.


Good to know. I had both and they were boxed up so I’ll just focus on finding the Vive ones. Thanks!


It’s been exactly a week since the last update. I hope all 8K HMDs have been changed to “SHIP”…^^


And other people receiving your 5k+ from a purchase at your Pimax store.

It seems to be the way Pimax works


You are not alone my friend i still await all 3 of my units funny thing is a unit for repair i sent from UK to china pimax have told me they are sending that back soon but no news on my 5K+ AND 8K lol


C’mon… we know they’re not. Please be adviced


@Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR My backer number #5058 seems to be missing from the spreadsheet. I searched using Ctrl+F but got 0 results. Can you help?


Go to the bottom of the spreadsheet and click on the different tabs… I always forget :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I have. I see five tabs in the spreadsheet. None of them yield any results when I searched for “5058” using Ctrl+F.


I’d PM @Dallas.Hao or @PimaxUSA


How do I PM someone?


Click the name mentioned above and choose “message”.