Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



Maybe by the time you get your 8K, your pc will become out of date.

Maybe nVidia RTX 3080 will come out by then.


What about 8k backers that are still in building state, should they worry???
Please update 8k status ASAP!


I hope that means that i will get a tracking number this week (german backer 5167). At this point i dont know if the delay of my delivery is “normal” or if i had to contact someone because there is realy a problem no one is aware of.


Speculation: with such silence about 8K, maybe there is new bad news?

Eg. Another round of “We could not source high quality panels, please wait. If you want HMD now you can switch to 5K+” etc. (Then people who switch wait another month and still don’t get it while pre-orders are all shipped.)


Hi Dallas,

When you say “all will be finished” it may be worth clarifying you only mean the 5K+ headsets!

It seems according to the spreadsheet most of us 8K backers headsets are still being built?


Another day of no DPD messages


last week some dpd emails were sent out in the afternoon


Will check again then but hope is high while realism says don’t count on it lol


Update, a dear friend who made the preorder a few weeks ago received the Pimax today!
These are satisfactions !! thanks Pimax for the treatment to the thousands that are still waiting for months …
still waiting for an answer from the support team, I’ve been waiting for weeks actually…


Sounds unfair. But dont forget you paid more less for the pimax :slight_smile: Im waiting also. But hope the happy end will satisfy us :smiley:


paid less but upfront and expected before backers dont forget


The funny thing is they don’t reply to emails… and my pledge nr. are not in the list :slight_smile:


Thats not funny :frowning: Did you contact Dallas.Hao directly ?


Many times…never received an asnwer


And? Your’e still within the chargeback period you have nothing at risk.


@Dallas.Hao again no update…


yes the same for me, I don’t have a concrete answer when I ask if my pre-order (108X) has been shipped and if there is a tracking number. because a lot of people have ordered after me and received their pimax for several days. they save time with evasive answers. dallas answered me I will see if he answers me he must keep me informed. otherwise I write to them on the paypal website and cancel everything and at the end of the year I will order the occulus S. with them I have never had any problems. I am part of several forms in france and virtual squadron etc and for the moment I do not recommend them to take a pimax. however it is simple to know if yes or no the order is shipped and if there is a tracking number. sry for my english. damien


@PimaxUSA, @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu, Backer 4819 here. got an email from answer from Pimax support confirming me that my 5K+ was not yet shipped.

I only switched it (3 weeks) ago based on the promised that it would be shipped from the overseas warehouse very fast since they had enough stock available.

The same day i changed my mind and decided to wait to the 8K.

I have submitted a SUPEN weeks ago (SUPEN-1652) and never got a reply either.

Since it is not shipped, PLEASE just sent it to someone who is waiting for it and let me wait for the 8K.


We all know the anwer to that one :wink:


We all know that’s the reason, but it doesn’t make it right