Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



Atleast I know that my 8K isn’t produced yet. It kind of makes it less frustrating than sitting there waiting for a 5K+ that’s been on the way for over a month… hoping every day that this is the day. I can only hope I don’t need to endure the same thing when my unit eventually ships :slight_smile:


@SimonNQ You had nothing to lose at all!
You did not risk investing into a company via Kickstarter!

Kickstarter backers are the only ones who have something to lose, if this Kickstarter failed there would be no product for you to order.
The difference between your pre-order and Kickstarter backers is that you can easily get your money back, backers can not. If the project failed we backers would have lost all our money!

So you can easily get your $2000AU back, just tell your credit card company you did not receive your product.
I cant get my $1600US (£2238AU) back so easily as I’ve been waiting well over a year for this product!


We already know that’s true though, don’t we?. Noone has said it, but we know.


We were promised many delivery dates, the first one was January 2018, more than one year ago. I have more to lose than you, I can’t cancel or get a refund anymore…

For now it looks like I just got scammed by Pimax, I gave them money and they don’t even have the respect to find excuses…


Hi, backer 5063 here. I have sent my info today for the 5th time at least. Since on the file i seem like missing address. Have contacted support, answered the survey every time they treat me like i never send the info.
What can i do so i get out of this vicious circle?


The question for european backer is now : will we receive our Pimax 5k+ before the Brexit ?


I notice you forgot to inform of the excellent consumer protection laws in Australia that you’re covered by.
In Aus, companies ‘warranties’ are null and void because they tend to just be one sided legalese to protect the manufacturers. Anyone who sells to Australia comes under our consumer laws which are a bit one sided in favour of the customer. Aus has incredible consumer protection and your risk is as close to zero as possible. If you paid by credit card your risk is literally zero.
Us backers don’t come under those consumer laws.
So tell me again how much you have to lose.
And don’t worry Pimax will soon enough be treating you with the same disrespect.


I’m sorry, I’ve experienced it differently. Hospitality and friendliness has harmed no one yet.


You are absolutely right. But if Pimax has no way to build the 8k correctly and put the production back, then it makes sense to continue with the 5k +. After all I read so there are significant quality defects from the suppliers. The HMD cable causes me a big headache.


Nope not QC.


Thats because Australia is a great place to Live, expensive, but awesome :stuck_out_tongue:


when i put in my pre-order in 7th Jan 2019, there was a commitment date of shipping 19th Feb 19. Up until the last few weeks they made commitments to shop around 20th feb, so I think they want to make sales and could be shipping preorders before backers.

if you are a backer they already have your money, but pre-orders are new sales, so I guess they want to bring in more purchase orders while the item is still hot.

Havent seen the latest spreadsheet production for Feb, did they stop releasing this data? but hopefully everyone get theirs soon.


Heres the spreadsheet for 2/18. They claim they will update it friday.


I’m sorry I don’t understand. This was in reply to Australia’s excellent consumer laws?


我是国内的订单,#480 2月13日买的,请问现在到什么状态了??


Just so you understand, I was referring to this …




5K Plus Backer 6633 from Ireland still havent got a dpd email also the spreadsheet says mine is still on the way to overseas ware house Dallas Hao said I will get a shipping email this week, Can anyone let me know whats going on?
@PimaxUSA ,
@xunshu @Matthew.Xu


They do not have a separate status for “arrived at warehouse”. So you can’t trust or see the whereabouts on the excel sheet. All units should have arrived at a UK warehouse. That certain warehouse received a list of addresses and started to deliver in an order which they decided. Because of that it is possible that pre-orders receive before backers. Since the units were for backers and a part of the pre-orders.


Would be nice to get an update on what the current problems with 8K are about. We might be very understanding… but no info is the wrong way to go about this.