Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019





This is wonderful news, However the 8K backers are still in the dark with no updates.
Dallas or Pimax reps I would respectfully ask for said update Please


I am 5635, and on “to be comfirmed” without a “1” in a field.
What should I do? I have sent an E-Mail.


Try this:

Not sure if it is still the correct way, good luck and a speedy delivery(don’t expect anything less than 2-3 weeks).
The good part is you still have your pick of the litter, 5K+/8K/5K OLED.


I’m an 8K backer in the 26XXs in the US. I did not receive an email with a tracking number (even in the spam folder), but I was looking in my UPS app last night and saw a package that would be arriving on Feb 28th from “USGOBUY” with a weight of 6.6 pounds. I had no idea what it was but when I searched USGOBUY and Pimax I found reddit posts that show that people that received their headsets were 6.6 pounds so it all matched up. Also, the last spreadsheet update had mine in building.So for people in the US, it might be a good idea to check in UPS my choice (the UPS section that you register for that is free which shows packages on their way to you) because you might have something on the way and not even know it. It was a surprise for sure.

[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report

8K backer 13xx in the UK and received an email today from DPD saying I’m getting a package Monday, not expecting anything else. Could it be…


8k backer 33xx in the UK and also received an email today from DPD saying I’m also getting a package Monday. I have backed another kickstarter (post pimax), but I don’t think that kickstarter is delivering yet, so I’m not expecting anything else. I get the feeling with all the DPD emails, we might all be in for a treat :smiley:.

[Pimax Official] 8K Kickstarter and Pre-Order Delivery Status Report

if aumbow is the sender its pimax


2230 ARRIVING Monday,


My parcel has left the U.K. already. Estimated delivery on Thursday.
Now I wish the remaining backers down under will get some good news soon. And the 8k backers.


Mine also left UK and arriving thursday.
Patient backer from Estonia.


I’m banking on Dallas that they’ll keep their promise to ship all the 5Ks, the situation for oz and the rest looks weird but still time until the 26th.

My hmd is supposedly outside of Albion. Long way away from home, but whatever.

Edit: Hinckley isn’t Hinkley, mistaken it in a previous version, figures


hello pre-order 108X and nothing, no news etc, no email… and I have no answer to my questions. I don’t know if it was shipped, I ordered on October 26


I ordered in October 17 ish so I have little sympathy for you :wink:


I’ll second that, no sympathy…original backer here also waiting 16 months to end this dog and pony show.


hello, you got it? you are so lucky ahah


No, I haven’t got it or don’t know whether the package arriving Monday is the fabled 8K. Apparently they are as rare as rocking horse shit :smiley:


another morning and yet again no DPD messages:(


damn got my pimax already after 2days from uk to berlin, tracking app said tuesday and he just showed up 1 hr ago :heart_eyes:


Ah I hope I get the same … tracking app says monday …


I can’t believe this sh** my package was scanned early today in the delivery base just 40km away now the package is not moving anymore :scream:. Come on DPD don’t ruin another weekend with waiting for my Pimax. waaahhh!!! So close yet so far! :weary: