Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



Go pick it up man! :beers:


Thanks for the heads-up. It’s odd that you didn’t receive an email from UPS like you are supposed to if you participate in My Choice.


I can’t sister took the car to spend the weekend with friends and kids 150km the other way lol.
Life must hate me :smile: i think i am going to grab me a beer now and print some more DAS adapters. :beers:


Was supposed to arrive on Sunday but arrived yesterday…way to ruin any plans I had for the weekend Pimax! :grin:


I’m planning to launch a KS campaign on implementing teleportation technology.
Here’s a scetch that outlines how the device will function, enabling 0 day delivery.



Agreed. It’s weird, it has just been sending me emails the day something arrives to let me know that it is out for delivery. Either way, just happy it is on its way. It was a nice surprise!


Another morning with no tracking number. Checked UPS my choice and no deliveries scheduled for next 2 weeks. Spreadsheet says 678X was shipped. Has anyone in Texas received their headset yet? @PimaxUSA


Your not alone me too no tracking still


Hey Crump, What state are you located in? I just joined the FedEx delivery manager just in case it’s not UPS.


Central Texas, near San Antonio. Still showing it will be here on Thursday so fingers crossed. And good call, cover all the bases. :slight_smile:


Well, then maybe i’ll hear something soon. I AM in San Antonio…so just up the road. I bet it just shows up. But will be checking UPS my choice every day. Thanks.


Awesome, I hope you see your’s soon too.



Can you guys provide a a Spreadsheet update?


Can I go to a UPS store and have THEM try to look up any deliveries scheduled for my address? But they will probably refer me to the website. It still shows no deliveries for this month or next. It has to scanned in somewhere right? Pledge No. 678X. :frowning:


Nice to see another update.
Before anyone starts getting mad about missing numbers (i was about to). Have a closer look at all pages.
I had memorised that backer #90 was at the top of ‘building’ page, they have moved on, but i couldnt see them in shipped. But keep scrolling down it goes through to backer #6500-ish and then goes back to low numbers. Pimax have just forgotton (or purposely who knows) not slotted them in the number order.
I have moved from line 720-ish on ‘building’ to spot 400-ish. so progress i guess.


OK, thank you for spreadsheet update! At least I know my 8K hasn’t been shipped yet and is still building.

However, it is a bit sad to see that 8K building/delivery hasn’t followed backer number order … a lot of 8K backers have been skipped!!


Sorry Pimax, but issuing an invalid tracking number 9 days ago does not equate to = shipped.

@PimaxUSA can you please explain what steps Pimax is taking to resolve invalid tracking numbers, particularly in Australia, and the timeline for that resolution.


i think that ship is depend on lotto system


yes it is a lottery, higher 8k backnr in my region with the same warehouse are getting their headset and mine is still on being build.


LOL … amazing. …