Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



patient patient patient and meditation until 8th March


they must have an amazing logistical system :grinning:
I’m over the upsetting part, i will just enjoy the weather here


Just got done comparing 2/18 vs 2/27. According to the build tab numbers 99 people corrected their info and 371 shipped.


国内的在这里面么?3900 shipped




Now we have some 8K production roadmap. So, all seems ok at this moment.


Still building??? pfff


@Dallas.Hao Is the new Spreadsheet a joke ? My 5K BE Backer ID 2108 was in spreadsheet before to oversea transport. Now it is again in building tab. Do you really know what you typing in the spreadsheet ?


I think I can explain that. In some cases the freight forwarder generates the endpoint tracking to calculate the fee to Pimax and then relay that to the customer. In those cases the tracking doesn’t become usable until the shipment gets past customs and into the delivery system. If you received the endpoint number it should exit the FF shortly and the number become fully trackable. I bet your unit is inside that first batch I researched.


Well mine shows it’s in the shipping stage. But it’s the same as the last one on the 14th. Been shipping for 2 weeks. No tracking # sent, and no scheduled deliveries show up from either UPS or FedEx. So still in Customs? Time for another iced tea. :frowning:


You are better than me. I am still in the Build state


I just checked the spreadsheet and my 8K is now listed as “shipped”. I knew that, thanks to the “UPS My Choice” service, even though I have not yet received a tracking number from Pimax.







You should be getting it soon, I am 3130 and received it tonight from UPS, also in New York.


众筹的5K Plus已经发完了,现在在发预售的5K Plus。众筹用户问的是8K的发货问题以及物流相关问题


That’s great! I hope your headset is problem-free.


I’d really recommend ya’ll make a UPS my choice account if you’re in the US. I’m still listed as building yet my 8k is coming tomorrow according to the UPS tracking.


Yeah I’m in the US and UPS my choice shows I receive mine next week​:grin::grin::grin:


What am I missing with this UPS My Choice… I’m enrolled, but can’t seem to figure out where to look for incoming packages without a tracking number. H E L P !