Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



Go to Ups.com and click on the top of the page where it says “Tracking” and click on Manage home deliveries: Ups my choice. Signup for that.


Similar problem here. Also a 5K BE backer (19**), except my Backer ID went from the building tab, to the to be confirmed tab and now it’s completely gone … The support only sends me the same e-mail and tells me that I will get my tracking number as soon as possible. I am not sure what is happening here.


Hello @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu

My unit on the spreadsheet prior to the 27th of February, it was under the tab to "Overseas warehouse". But now on the 27th, it goes back to the “Building” tab. So it went backward on the process. Your update system is not reliable! What are the estimates to receive the units already?

Backer num: 5900
Unit: 5k BE


I just typed the same thing as I noticed. It is very frustrating at the level of unreliability. Patience is a virtue, but boy, knowing that your go back a a manufacturing step is infuriating.


Well, going from to overseas warehouse to Building again, finally means what, that is in transit?


mines the sames as yours back into building from shipped yo warehouse i just cannot understand it as they said UK warehouse held enough for everybody


Enough 5k+ in FF warehouses not BE’s… As I mentioned to you there are not many BE’s, team is about to ramp those up.


@PimaxUSA but why is my 5K BE four weeks ago in building phase. One week before in shipment phase and now again in builiding phase. That is not serious information for the customers. And pimax has to remember that all backers outside the UK Shipment to Europe will perhaps get problems after the EXIT of UK from Europe Reunion end of March 2019 = Paying taxes for shipment to Germany for example. That is not really funny for me. Im Backer 2108… So please hurry up with the shipment !


one of mines a 5k not BE and still i have no tracking and my address has been confirmed i cannot understand why its taking so long if UK has enough to send out


Hello @Dallas.Hao or @PimaxVR ,
As stated in an other thread, the headset will be built in this month.
Shipment will be afterwards, so the headsets for central europe will be shipped by UK warehouse.
In that case: The BREXIT may occur on 2019-03-29 (also this month) Any Goods, which will shipped from UK to somewhere in Europe has to pay tax, after the BREXIT. As there is no deal on the horizon.

Please give an official statement, if:
Pimax will pay tax
or shipment by an other way without tax


that’s a difficult akward question so it is silent


same here…
really sad that I am now not at all on the spread sheet?! Where did number 5043 go?


@Lars1C i also wrote this to Pimax and also to Dallas.Hao . The simple answer was: We ship 8K and 5K Be together… Nothing about , why in the other spreadsheet before my 5K BE was in shipment to overseas and now in building phase. Im from Germany and i will also have the problem with the fu… BREXIT :frowning:


I have been super chill until now. Seeing how they are screw up on the update sheet rattled me for sure


Hello, backer #5058 here. I cannot find my number on any of the tabs. I used the search function (pressing Ctrl+F) and nothing. @Pimax-Support please help me.


What’s on 8th May ??


If your number is not on that list, … you don’t exist


It is a mistake. It is not May but March


Seriously, my 8K is in “building” status for 3 months now !
What the hell is happening ???

And I’m backer 24xx, there are people with higher numbers who already have their headset !!!

Pissed ! :rage:


Got an email from Chronopost yesterday about a delivery planed for tomorrow.
I am not waiting for anything else than my 8K. But according to the latest spreadsheet, my 8k is “building”…