Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



Still very unlikely that it’s the 8K since they’re all building right now. The panels did ship two days earlier than planned in the the pic below, but that shouldn’t be enough for the first headset to get that far that fast.


Your lucky my 5k has gone back to building lol
backer 2648 confused and getting more irate with every passing no tracking day


We’ll erase this from our memories as soon as we have a nice working HMD :slight_smile:


I won’t forget it. As much as I am pleased with the quality and support for my Pimax 4K, I’m a really pissed at how they treated backers who made all this possible here. When I see people who have backer number 4000+ already having their headsets for several months now, yeah, I’m angry.


No information on where the parcel comes from on Chronopost website, but I saw in the mail that Chronopost is part of Dpd group.
So I tried entering the parcel number in Dpd tracking page and it does come from UK.

Hinckley, Leicestershire (UK)


Fingers crossed! Maybe miracles do happen after all


I am pretty sure it’s the 8k but I am not sure how it’s possible.
They better don’t send me a second hand headset that was sent back to the warehouse by someone else.


You might but I know I won’t.


It is funny … I always think about vrdelta’s post.


It’s not cool…
I’m back 6xxx and I have my Pimax last week…


how true after all this time and a few who are still waiting 5k are still treated like shit


Yeah same here. My backer number just disappeared. I regret giving them $100 more for the 5K BE, because I’m not sure if I’ll ever get the headset. They keep changing the information they give us and it starts to feel like a scam. :frowning:
Even if I get it, it might be after the Brexit, so I’ll have to pay even more …


Feedback from Pimax would be nice…
@pimax give us any feedback whats going on now?
Why do we dont get shipping information?
The communication is still a mess…


Same here from DPD and I’m not expecting anything else at the moment. It’s also coming from Stoke - Hub 4 - Hinckley which I believe is the UK distribution center. Spreadsheet says - Building.


8k too?..


Well yeh, that’s what I am waiting for. I hope it is but this is at odds with the spreadsheet. Unless they kindly decided to send me a 5K+ whilst I am waiting.


Just wait as the pre-orders start arriving before us backers


Same here, they treat the BE like the black sheep of their line up


I’ve got a parcel coming my way from dpd on monday.
There is nothing else which i am expecting from them so it could be my 8k which is still marked as building.
I will see tomorrow i guess


Intresting, as shipment to britain will about 2 weeks, and about 3-5 days national. I will guess that it was shipped before CNY from China. If it is the headset.
It would be interesting if the spreadsheet is still of such a bad quality.
Please keep us informed.