Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



2 UK and One France for tomorrow delivery that is posted here. So I would expect then these are our 8Ks. These must have been sent before the latest round of building.


if the sender is aumbow its your pimax


I was a last few hours backer (67xx) and my 5K+ arrives Tues. The general pre-orders should be right behind so hang in there guys.


I think your right just got tracking for my 8k in the Netherlands, delivery in one working day, it’s finally gonna happen :pray::grinning:


On the android app at least, i havent got the sender details.
It tells me that the parcel arrived to them in stoke & passed through hinkley on its way to my local depot, so i think this is the pimax route.
After reading up on aumbow it seems the nature of their business is retail sale via mail order, so im guessing they are a middleman receiver who then passes the packages out of the uk to the customers maybe


I’m backer 678X and I have nothing yet. Still waiting for my 5K+.


backer 6248 checking in still no 5k or tracking info


Everyone else is receiving their headset, but not you. As each day passes you are becoming more and more alone.

8K backer 24XX … :sob:


Same here. Got notification from DPD on Friday saying a delivery is due today. I’m UK 8k backer 46** can it really be it? I guess we’ll find out soon.


We will arrange the shipment of rest of 5K BE and 8K together.


When will you ship, and why the confusing Spreadsheet with building phase and then oversea and again building phase status ?


Backer 3169, just received my “building” 8K.


So, is it assembled at least? :slight_smile:


I have yet to try it and make sure the panels are included.


So now i must wait till 8k is ready before getting my 5k+?


Well that answers that.
8k just arrived :star_struck:


congrats have fun my friend


Thanks. I wont have time to try it until late tonight but im looking forward to it.


One day i too may get to try out my own lol
The day will be a long one for you my friend


Mine too!! Will have to wait until tonight.