Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



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5043 not on the spreadsheet!
Please update it and give me any feedback whats goin on.



Spreadsheet Update please


Could you please tell us when this shipment will happen?


Do you update the Spreadsheets by today? I’d like to see it and finish the week. @Dallas.Hao


Still no updated spreadsheet last one says building ?


congrats :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The spreadsheet will be updated,because some new confirmed backers’ info need to be updated


The shipped meas the headset has been delivered and tracking number will be updated,the 8K headset we shipped didn’t arrived at oversea warehouse yet.

That’s the reaso why kickstarter 8K&5K XR backers still in building period


Can you tell when the update will be available?


spreadsheet … update?


No spreadsheet update before the weekend ???


Why would they update it to tell us they haven’t shipped all 8ks by the 8th? That could ruin their image missing a milestone like that!


You’re right. I was just hoping my item is shipped.


They work tomorrow as well


They claim to have shipped 226 total on 3/6 so out of 915. So any 8k backers have a ~1/4 chance of geting one seeing as ship order is random.


They said they were going to ship all backers 8ks by the 8th (its now the 9th in china).


Well I have both Vive Base stations and controllers and am still waiting for my Pledge # 6788 which the spreadsheet still says the 5K+ shipped more than 3 weeks ago now. Just how close ARE you to San Antonio? Universal City maybe? or San Marcos? Not willing to sell but maybe loan so I can at least see one of these magical illusive Pimax HMD’s that i’m still waiting for. I have a Alienware Nvidia 1070 laptop i use in the field. If interested drop me a note at criguez88@gmail.com. I fear now my Pledge may be lost and I’ll have to Submit whatever tickets and what not to try and get them to send another. @Dallas.Hao @PimaxVR @Matthew.Xu


This bothers me about Pimax, there is always something promised and then no information … Dallas said it should give an Spreadsheet update, but it does not matter. What’s so hard to give the backers an update? We now have the 9th of March. It should be sent all 8k! Is that so now?