Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



Well… it looked like they produced 65-80 8Ks/day, so the 8th won’t be enough to get it all produced and shipped. I wish they’d give us an update instead of the usual “we failed-silence”. I don’t see it as a failure… better to just say “Looks like the 15th is more probable”.
Aargh. Brexit is real


Hey Crump, Can you tell me where the shipment of your HMD originated from? Should be Stated on the box. Was it UPS? if you can tell me where it was originally sent maybe I can see if mine was in the same location and got lost in transit. If not in the same batch, then maybe in another. At least i can try to find where it was shipped from and with whom.
Thanks. I’m backer #6788. @Pimax-Support


Spreadsheets Update…but my status remains the same


Pimax Math:
80 units + 80 units + 120 units + 96 units + 64 units = around 40 shippings.


I believe that a junky Freight forwarder won’t let it go.


When did we end the debate about shipping…Can I make a good suggestion for HMD on Pimax? @Dallas.Hao


What is Pimax only for a bad company! :triumph:There are constantly made pledges, which are not complied with in any way! All 8K backers are totally ripped off by Pimax! Theoretically, 150 pcs per day should be made, but this does not seem to be the case. The bad thing is, pictures of sent-off glasses are shown, but they do not correspond to the reality.:face_vomiting: Or is the spreadsheet list not processed in order? Why is not communicated that the process is not running? Would not the backers deserve that?




What my 8k still on building??
Then give me the 5kBE oled what i am asking for months…


@Dallas.Hao So, since last spreadsheet you have shipped only 84 8Ks?

How many have you been able to build?

Didn’t Pimax say you believed all 8Ks would be shipped by 8th March?

How longer must backers wait?


Well I backed an 8k but they delivered a 5k+ to me. The parcel couldnt be delivered (because DPD is just stupid) and went to back to the UK Warehouse. After contacting Support they said that the will send an 8k to me asap. Thats a month ago now. Since then my backer No. is red and in the shipped Tab.

No idea If I will ever recieve an 8k.


The way accounting is done is funky
20190218: 5567 hmd backers 252 donations
20190227: 5383 hmd backers 253 donations
20190311: 5455 hmd backers 253 donations

Supposedly 5514 hmds have been sent in 26 batches


I am backer number 300 and I had to create an account here since support@pimaxvr.com unfortunately seems to ignore my last mail.

At the end of January, a few days before Chinese New Year, I sent a mail asking Pimax to please send my 5K+ as soon as possible (thank you Brexit) and confirming my address once again.
They answered they are going to send it, but since then I am permanently mentioned in the spreadsheet under “to be confirmed” or “need further communication” - the latter one must be pure irony.

I really try to be patient with Pimax, I know you are a small company and all of you are working hard to satisfy your backers.
But until today I did get neither my 5K+ nor a tracking number - after waiting for six weeks.

@PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao: Can you PLEASE finally clarify what exactly is the status of my delivery?


Irony indeed. Some users whom tried to get the 5k+ received immediately instead of having to wait on the 8k. Some had their request approved then denied. Then after the CNY content to receive the 8k as the request didn’t go through. To all of a sudden being told their 5k+ was being prepared to ship & ignored when they said they wanted to keep with 8k as their request to switch & receive immediately never happened.

Now instead of fixing this. Pimax is trying to force the 5k+ on them instead of owning their adminstration error.


I really look forward to watching a documentary that sums up this wild ride, the highs and lows, the drama, the setbacks and broken promises that we have all been through. Soon, I hope it will be all over and we will all be happy with our headsets. it’s been a long time coming…


We’d like to trace the status of the “building” in detail. Is HMD on its way to the warehouse, or hasn’t it been there yet? There is no need for a vague answer that some are going.


Uhm… could someone explain me what the status “need further communication” on the spread sheet means?? Because I full filled the surveys and answerd several Pimax E-Mails with address and backer No. etc.
I even got the confirmation email that my pimax is about to ship with tracking details.

I’m 23xx backer for Pimax 8KX and I decided to get a previous 8K HMD until the 8KX is done.

The E-Mail was send in January but i don’t get any further actions by pimax.

Sooo… what the XXXX is going on??


Backer:6621 since January my status has been “Building” on every spreadsheet released to date you stated before that all 8k headsets would be completed and shipped by the 3rd of March it is now the 17th and my status is still building !
I backed the 8k headset on 11/3/2017 even though I was a late backer as it was a lot of money to risk (and I have never been a kick starter backer before) it seems as I will be waiting 2 years to see my headset.
can someone please tell me when I might have some indication that I didn’t pay my hard earned money for a bag of unicorn poo ! I stayed with the 8k rather than switch to the 5k+ thinking it would be more future proof and software and pc hardware will allow the full potential of the 8k to be realised I am starting to regret that decision


Yes, Pimax needs to follow through with their promises. The spreadsheet is stale. I also backed the 8K. I am very happy with it, except for pixel sparkles and black and white flashes due to a defective cable. A replacement cable has been shipped. In the meantime, the headset is usable, but annoying.

It’s a good headset and I hope you enjoy yours, once it finally arrives.

Fwiw, I received my headset over 2 weeks ago (backer # 31xx) and I still haven’t received a tracking number, so it’s entirely possible that yours is on the way.


@Pimax - what’s the delay with the remaining 8K HMD this time?