Spreadsheet Update 11th Mar 2019



any ideas when 8K pre-orders will start build?


I think 2022 or later


The flashes on the white or on colors with much contrast are due to the cable ? Or we talk about different things, because I have seen in different 8k that there are flashes or blinks on some white backgrounds in different games.


The pixel sparkles are apparently due to a bad cable. It’s possible other problems could exhibit the same symptom.

My hope is that the black or white flashes is also due to the cable, as are the occasional headset lockups. I won’t know for sure, until my replacement cable arrives.


Please share the information when you have the cable and have done tests.

Thank you.


Sure, I was already planning to do that.


Hi my number 5635 is after “need further communication”.


“Need futher comunication” seems to translate to “we do not care about these”.

I am backer 300, @mozi told me here The Actions and Plans on Pimax after-sale services they will send my headset and that was 24 days ago.

Nothing happened, I neither got a tracking number nor my 5K Plus and I am still listed under “Need futher comunication”.

Customer service? This is is just ridiculous.


@Dallas.Hao, please look into this. Thanks.


Please check your supen-3693 and private message.

Looking forward to hear from you


Please chek your private message or your service desk ticket, most of service desk tickets can be replied in 24 hours now


Dallas my return shipping cost has not been refunded as promised proof was sent and all was accepted this was weeks ago but still no refund my friend


Maybe Pimax needs more time for my (#5635) chosen 5K BE (OLED)?!?


Looks like tge 5kXRs have just recently being received by backers.


Hello Dallas
Can you check, what is the problem around my set?
My backer number is 7123.

Thank You


They obviously try to build the best 5K BE ever for you :grinning:


Sorry for the late response, Dallas.
I was on a business trip and could not log in here.

I updated supen-3693 with all information you asked for.
Thanks a lot for your help.

SUPEN-3693 was closed with the comment: Well noticed.
Getting excited again :slight_smile: