Dear Community,

Thank you for your patience in these days.

Recently I was sorting out the shipment data and did not respond to you timely in forum. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

We compiled the backer list and current shipment data based on the 11/01 surveymonkey. Let me explain this table to you:

Donations : Donors during the kickstarter campaign;

Preparation : Waiting for production, packaging or sending to overseas warehouses;

Receipt information unfilled : The Receipt information not yet filled in;

Incomplete information: The receipt information is not filled in completely

Delivered: Has been sent from overseas warehouses.

The data for shipments up to today are as follows:


  1. There are currently 185 backers who have not filled in the complete information, please see the yellow part of the attachment form. Please send your receipt information to Support, we will help you update the information.
  2. As of the 11th, there are still 1076 backers who have not filled out the survey or the survey has not been completed, we can not get more information. Please re-fill the survey.
    Here is the survey link: https://bit.ly/2Qjg6D2 Thank you.
  3. 886 units have been delivered from overseas warehouses.
  4. 3,388 units under preparation, of which about 1,900 have been sent from Shanghai to overseas warehouses.

This is the details of the current shipment, please check the corresponding backer number. Please start today and update it 1-2 times a week according to the actual situation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and Dallas.

18 Jan 2019 Update

some backers’ survey is not Synchronized ,we will update their information next version spreadsheet.


Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely,

"information unfilled" How to provide them with information?!
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For keeping backer’s secret.The old topic is deleted.Please check your order status in this order

Please accept my sincere apologize for the mistake i made


Someone suggested to add the info about which headset each backer will get.
Effectively, it would be nice to confirm if we will get the best headset on the market, or the second one best headset on the market :wink:


thanks @Matthew.Xu or/and @Dallas.Hao

can you please fill in the choice/which pimax is sending


Yeh that was me a while back. Good idea as it lets us know what the balance of power is.


Hello my name is dustearlobe and i think my secret identity was at risk ,also i am iron man :smirk:


How do I know if you have the correct information for me regarding choice? I want 5K+


No harm done, thank you for the reassuring list Dallas.Hao and Matthew. Yes good idea to add the chosen headset to the list as well.


No I am Iron man !!!


Just tryed old link DENIED


ok im batman then :joy:


It’s OK I saved a hard copy and will now sell to the highest bidder.


@RobCram New kickstarter campaign ? XD


not sure who you should be tellin that iron man or batman ,who got the most money ???


Yep, back the campaign to get your identity removed from the list. :skull_and_crossbones:


should have listed the chosen headset, so we know the switch worked


Thanks Dallas for acting swiftly on this, hopefully no harm was done. We fully understand that you just wanted to give the backers as much information as possible, and be transparent, the good intention is duly noted.


@Dallas.Hao you should put each headset backer will receive in the spreadsheet. there are many backers that want to receive the 5k+ and will receive 8k, and others that want receive 8k and will receive 5+ if backers now could be easier to you to change a last time before sending the headsets…


Don’t worry Axacuatl I now have your details. Expect tons of Kinky gear delivered as gifts from Amazon…


As long as nobody reveals that I am starring in 50% of the Youporn videos… oops, now I did it myself… :laughing: