Someone posted the link with names on Facebook but just gave him latest link in order to change it…


Ok thats gotta be pimax screen stretch :open_mouth:


thats been blocked now last i tryed


Perfecto :call_me_hand:t4:


Yes, headset type info would be nice…


Kinda unspecific but at least we know survey info was not up in the air.

Now all I need to know which headset they think I want and to what country is it sent because I bought an extra pledge from someone in New Zealand and only changed that pledge to 5K+


Thanks for the quick change. I hope it’s all right now :slight_smile:


Hi Dallas. I see that my Status on my pledge 2366 on the new spreadsheet is “Receipt information unfilled”.

I have filled the information every single time. 12th April 2018, 12th May 2018 and 4th January 2019…

I have also submitted a request “SUPEN-982” with no reply at all.

Also, if i now try to fill in the servey from the link, it tells me: “You have already taken this survey.”
It does not let me access the survey again…

Please tell me what is happening…


Like the comment above…
Baker 3682 filled out every single survey and when i click on the link in the first post it says you already filled out this survey but my status is “receipt information unfilled”
i opened a ticket “supen 957” but hav not get a reply yet.
Please pimax resolve this issue…


I filled in the new survey on this page at 09:59 11/01/2019 GMT, have you received it? @Dallas.Hao


i don’t know if you did but just in case,
edit your ticket (not sure if we can) or reopen one putting your survey details on it.
Then wait till tomorrow or later during the day, you should see the ticket status changing to resolved, this would mean they got your info.
@jjhw @serprime :slight_smile:


Ok According to the spreadsheet, I’m status 2-Preparation. I’ve filled in every survey, the link provided by @Dallas.Hao above says I’ve already completed it, I’ve tried to get email confirmation that my details have been received. I’m in the UK and backer #2392, I pledged for an 8K and I’ve selected the 8K in every survey. When I tag @Dallas.Hao I never get a response. I guess I just need to raise a support ticket now, at least some of them got answers.

I don’t know what else I can do, I guess it’s just a waiting game now…I am really looking forward to it, but the suspense is killing me!


According to that, my package is with HOWARD PRICE in IPSWICH. Got there on the 24th Dec. Hopefully it will arrive to my home soon.


You have to clean your cookie on the browser


Wait what, have you seen your tracking number there in the sheet and you havent recieved any email from Pimax with it? May i ask what backer number are you?


Would it not make things easier to thin the amount of backers trying to give information by just getting them to email the details directly via the forum to specific email account ,should reduce the forum questions then it just KS peps that no nothing @Dallas.Hao


You sure you looked at your backer number and not the row number?


I have just completed the servey but I have not received any confirmation by email.
I have already filled it twice.
I’m the backer 5675.


In the sheet it has a tracking number, the right hand column. There was a number next to my backer number, I put that into a global tracker and that is what it came up with.


just down the road from me should i collect it for you :smirk: