But you havent recieved any email from Pimax support with it right? Because on mine its still N/A and mine should’ve arrived at Shanghai till 7/1 this month and i thought by now would’ve been already in UK warehouse preparing to deliver to my country.

Also no Pimax Support email with tracking number yet sadly…


The spreadsheet has status, backer number and tracking number. Next to my backer number is a tracking number. My Backer number is 1381 and the tracking number is 9343926042.

Look it up.


No, as that is the tracking from China to UK. Hopefully I will recieve the local tracking number when it is sent.


Well what might be the courier? It came up with nothing on 17track

It says preparation as status
Maybe thats chinese tracking number


Yeah, i sent them all the surveymonkey answers in the first ticket already.
No reply yet …


Cool also ive check previous sheet and on your backer number said “finish production and will arrive SH by 1/7” just like on my backer number status aswell…


I used this site: http://parcelsapp.com/en and put in that number.

Not sure if it is correct though.


SUPEN-1088 Backer #2392 Please confirm my survey details have been received…

Think of the children!


17track would do it aswell…


@JonGraham I think nothing to worry about as it’s marked as “preparation” still. Not delivered.

I’ve looked up some tracking numbers sometime and came up with a random courier, so false positive.


got it i think



I’m not worried. I don’t mind waiting as long as I get a good quality product. I takes a lot for me to get upset about stuff.


Wait what? You’ve guessed your tracking number?


no that’s not mine thats @JonGraham


Maybe you should confirm with @Dallas.Hao or take a trip to Ipswich to pay the good old Howie a visit.


Lol @allocen :grin::beers: x 20


Yup, that is the same as what I get. But I am not sure whether the info on the spreadsheet is correct.

Still no tracking from HOWARD PRICE to my home yet.


God damn, im so hyped to get mine that i cant even sleep at night tbh. I mean, come on, even a tracking number to know where it is…:sob:


Is that a courier company? Lol I thought some random dude :joy:


I am assuming the HOWARD PRICE is where the warehouse is in the UK.