ok, do you have dpd app on your phone, might be worth setting up delivery alert.
also don’t worry too much about tracking number.


Nope. What does that app do? There are usually people at home to take deliveries so it shouldn’t be an issue.


Download it and register the email address u used for kickstarter, if any delivery is due to you with dpd you’ll get an alert and see if u have pending deliveries


it wouldnt say dpd uk if it was the china tracking number, that looks like a normal home delivery


yes it is but after when it arrives here it get delivered by dpd and that way you get tracking info


Few backers have reported using the app or contacting dpd directly then find out about the Pimax delivery.
Worth a try


btw…according to my research it takes roughly 2 weeks from Shanghai to your front door. 1 week from SH to UK and another 3-5 days with your local delivery company (mostly DPD in EU). 1900 packages are on the way to oversea warehouses, so if your status is preparation right now, you should receive your headset within the next 2 weeks. good luck all!

edit: IIRC the next batches were scheduled for 14th and 18th January to arrive in UK


I would try tho. Ask them by fullname reference or sender reference Pimax? What should i try?


i know you…you will try with everything :joy:
But with email address should be enough :slight_smile:


Hmm interesting. Will give them a call now. Also DPD doesnt has the best reputation in my city, its like 2/5. I’d be happy even if they have their phone online in the first place…


What information about backers was posted beforehand?


this is why we use the app in uk, dpd use to be really bad …
It also worked for someone in France last week, Cyril if not wrong.
He called them and had a delivery date, last Monday to be precise.


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yeah just tried…all of their fking phones offline, these guys…


try the app


Folks also need to be well aware about Chinese New Year (CNY) a massive holiday for the region which in some instances starts as early as 25th Jan - Feb 10th. In effect all of China will be closed during this period. Hopefully most items will be shipped before then. However, if there are any issues around this time (faulty gear or wrong item received) then you’ll have to wait until it’s over before getting a response.


Sorry, what app? 20202020


Hi, thanks. Only full name? No address, email address,…?

Still… concerning…


dpd app for smartphone sry


No deliveries scheduled for my hope as of yet according to DpD. I am assuming the information may not be 100% accurate.