Yeah well, available only for UK only. Seems like its not compatible with my phone, i guess from region issues.
But how does that help me with searching by email reference?


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An hour in this forum looking for explanation on whether or not my 8K is coming at all. Still have no idea. Preparation? So I should get it in like max 2 weeks in UK?


If i remember well, @CyrilJ did call DPD UK to find out that his delivery was scheduled a few days later.
So what i recommend you to do is try to cal DPD UK.
What the email does is that, when parcel is send to you from Pimax they give your name address phone number and also email address so you can get update from carrier when delivery is due.
For people with the app on the phone we just get delivery alert .

DPD contact :



Backer 2681 says delivered…
It is not at my doorstep and does not have a tracking number like some of the lower numbers…
Does this mean it is just delivered to the US warehouse…??


Thanks, trying now…


Did you check with neighbours or any place around your house?
If not you could try contact USPS .


Yeah, none of my neighbors would know what it is… haha…
They would give it to me anyway…


Look at the start post !!

Delivered: Has been sent from overseas warehouses.


So this means it is on his way from warehouse to you i guess :slight_smile:


Seems like i need an UK phone number which i dont have, because prefix starts with +44 where on my country starts with +40…so i cant pass that initial setup :sob:


did you try 0044121 275 0500


I have not try calling them just yet…


oh thats random number? will it work random phone number if my email is the right one?


Just call DPD uk and ask for delivery with your email address/phone number or home address.
best i can do bro


I just want to echo what many other people have said already:
Please add the Pimax HMD choice to each backer number, so we can check that you are not sending the wrong one.


@Dallas.Hao with the spreadsheet corrected can we confirm that if we had changed to 5k+ on our surveys we will still get 5k+ . if so, i think most people can manually cancel their support tickets. make life a lot easier for you.

And just to confirm, the survey monkey data was found? or was this list populated from the very first e mail survey that did not use survey monkey, and which contained peoples choices between 5k and 8k, before 5k plus was announced. Because replies to that survey will be very different to all the ones that had 5k+ as an option.


It is, just got my tracking number…


Wtf, did pimax support emailed you earlier with the tracking number?


Hi again, Backer 2366, I have redone the Survey after resetting the cache in the browser.
I have also sent all the the survey information via [SUPEN-1090].

Please confirm that you either received the details via the survey or via the [SUPEN-1090].