Yes, emailed today at 5:30.
It’s been in New York for three days now.


Damn lucky :sob: 2020202020


May i ask what backer number are you?


That would look good on my tinder profile! Could you share mine (#6)?


only 32% of backers has received their HMD now


Backer 6181
Re-filled the questionnaire
Ask for help confirming whether it is a valid questionnaire?


Send a PM to Dallas, Matthew and Sean


Looks like there will be a large number of people getting info this week…


You’re in the US? Your backer number is after mine. So strange how they’ve decided to ship these things.

Unless maybe you got the 8K, as I requested the 5K+…?

I dunno, I don’t even try to make sense of it anymore.


At this point I can imagine Pimax will try to get the orders out as quickly as possible to all backers, regardless of backer number.


They have to because soon they need to start shipping preorders.


I requested the 5k+…
We will see what happens…


backer 5431 here. got “Receipt information unfilled”. did survey 4 times. what else do you need.
Survey says: You have already taken this survey.


This new spreadsheet is way more “confusing” then the other.

Now it just says ‘Preparation’… it doesn’t say where it is. The previous spreadsheet was better IMO (minus all the errors).

It been 2 weeks since ive been told that i could not change my pledge since my unit “have left the warehouse” only to find 2 days ago that it did not even arrived at Shanghai… :confused:

No matter what, i am patient and waiting for it. But just wanted to say that it may be nice to say what is the last “known” location of the headset.


Gee I dropped back 55 places in the numbering from the old spreadsheet. Is that more errors or Koreans? lol


@Dallas.Hao i’m backer number 5.404 and my number is not on the spreadsheet. Should I be worried?


It’s there, you are probably looking at the row number… look in column B for your backer number :slight_smile: (if you need to know, it’s row 4300)


Says preparation. Did you not post this same question on Reddit where I also replied. Your backer number is on the right not the left column. :wink:


There seems to be a rather large shipment in the US that’s been sitting in the ‘warehouse’ for over 2 weeks. Any idea of when they will be released?


Have you contacted your warehouses so they know who should get their headset first?