so what happens if your number isn’t on the sheet b/c it’s too high? i’m backer 58xx



oh that’s weird. it wasn’t there the first time i looked. thanks :+1:t4:


Thx for some reason it only shows me the numbers till 5157 when I use my smartphone:

But I checked the spreadsheet on a computer and found my number. So fortunately nobody forgot me :sweat_smile:


No, it wasn’t me. I rarely visit reddit


Wait had names before? Does anyone have that previous sheet…? I want to make sure my name is there with the correct backer number


i do, but it was not the (irl) name, it was the kickstarter account name


What, not a real name, just a Kickstarter username?
If thats so, whats all that commotion about it and why is one user threading with GDPR action?? I mean, really?


yes, i checked my entry and it was the name you would see in kickstarter as profile name
some people seemed to have the irl name there
even if you set your profile to private the profile name and picture can be seen, so it’s kind of public information and not that much when it comes to GDPR (imho)
so who ever spilled there irl name in kickstarter did not care that much about protecting its own privacy


Yeah, true and agreed.
And still we feed the Monkey our privacy.


Why does the new spreadsheet only show up to 1511? How the fuck am I supposed to know my status?


It looks like on mobile phones it only shows a small amount at the start of the sheet, Using a computer you can see the full document. on mine it goes up to backer #7148.


Thanks. 20 characters


there a still some information in the xlsx that do not belong there
in the backer number field are some comments left, like 118, 141, 186, 199, …
if you open the xlsx with a zip decompression program you can see /xl/comments1.xml containing all comments
there are also meta information like that Microsoft Macintosh Excel was used

depending on how a company operates and presents itself its not good to spill internal information even if they seem not that important at the moment
maybe using pdf as format for publishing would a a easy solution?



backer 2128 it says mine is in Preparation but it doesn’t say which headset version in the spread sheet



The “Preparation” classification is way too vague. The time a backer with that classification has to wait could be days to weeks depending on what is the sub-classification. Is your team working on making it more specific? Thank you.


Agreed. In the 1.7.2019 sheet, it specified overseas vs China status, which is really helpful in gauging time til local arrival.


It going to ship by end on january i would rather for him to help backers with headset problems rather wasting valuable time on the spreadsheet.


They have more people at Pimax…not only Dallas and they all have different tasks…
Spreadsheet is something we backers asked for to have an idea of shipping is going.
I know its not perfect but it does help a bit.


You are absolutely right . If Pimax hadn’t put the spreadsheet up over 2000 backers would not have known their survey info wasn’t received .