Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



Thanks. When I first clicked it it just took me to their homepage but its working now.


hi @Dallas.Hao
can you please say about status of the “5K BE” most of them are still in the building tab.
Is the delivery estimated before chinese new year?


It also says order today , Ship by 21st Feb


I’m not sure I’m understanding the spreadsheet any more. I thought lots of 8K were being built recently but it seems my 8K headset has been in the “build” column for I think 11+ days now (whenever the first spreadsheet came out that had a “building” column, I feel like it was the 18th maybe?).

I can’t find the old spreadsheet to compare; have a lot of the 8K HMDs with lower backer numbers moved on from the “building” tab now or has that tab not been updated at all?


The best I can gather from all the broken english is they are rushing to manufacture and ship all headsets before CNY and building could mean in the factory to on a boat.


Maybe it has been asked above, but how long does it take to go to UK oversea warehouse ?


That all depends ,if you live in uk then about 6 weeks if they don’t decide to send them to someone else or if you have 8k coming 1 year 3 month and counting.
but if you live in the EU 2 week via uk :rage:


Could you pls. tell this my Pimax looks like it missed that memo.


I think yours got sent to spamenigma as a replacement :face_with_raised_eyebrow: just to ballance things out ,he’s in the uk you know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yep yep i am happy to share the pain :weary: already feel like i am half British.:laughing:


Ok this is how i was feeling and also lets think about whats yet to come straight from pimax they think the kickstarter streach goals are for them,no pimax no bonus


I have not received a response from Dallas yet . I will try and catch on the forum again today .


Hello @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu

My unit still not appearing on any of the tabs of the spreadsheet.

Backer num: 5900
Unit: 5k BE

I just sent another reminder to your support team via email. I hope your system improves its communication efficiency.



How freakin slow are these trips to the oversea warehouses? Can I get the names of the ships heading to the NA warehouses so I can track them myself? I assume they are coming by ship given how slow they are making the journey. Let me look for myself where the ship is so I can better guess when I may expect mine.


I sent so many things, they never told me the name of the ship, or the plate of the truck, or the flight number :smiley:


I found the shipment!


When I’ve had stuff sent by ship I have been given the ship name and live tracking of the ship across the ocean. It’s just most things come by air, in which case it’s on the first plane it can fit on so no flight number.



I know it is one of the ones here.



wrong one unfortunately…our ships have paddles only.


Is Dallas still working at Pimax ?
Didn’t had any news for a while.