Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



Most recent post earlier today


Was kidding but thanks :wink:


It’s on line 1217 of the Building tab


The ready to forward tab is not included in this release?


let me take a look, thanks for the heads up.

Edit: I saw!




Please sort your spreadsheet by backer number before publishing!


Ctrl + F will allow you to search.


In fact also Ctrl-H :wink:


Well looks like my 2nd request to switch to 5k+ has simply been ignored. (First request was replied to with ‘no you can’t’)
I’m tired of dealing with Pimax


thanks for your detective work. But its strange that it dosn’t give any progress in delivery. Depressing me a little but great work of yours.


Australian backer in the 3000s just received tracking number so starting to move again in Australia


That’s awesome , do you know where your headset is shipping from ?


Sorry for confusion as it’s not me unfortunately. He was on the shipped column on last spreadsheet


Nice. I’m 305X and nothing yet.

How did you get the information?


Actually got a number or just saying shipped?
What spreadsheet?


did anybody hear about an spreadsheet update before the CNY Break? Hope the tons of Headsets arrived in UK…


107 more “shipped” between 25th and 29th, is actually a bit of a let down I’d expect twice as much but not alarming yet.


My understanding from what @Dallas.Hao has said recently ([Pimax Official] Producing status and Shipping arrangement of 8K) is (correct me if I’m wrong!!):

5K HMDs destined for the UK warehouse have all shipped and may take some days to arrive.

8K HMDs (due to increased quality control) are not all finished & shipped yet and may not finish shipping before CNY kicks in on Feb 3rd, in which case they’ll crack on with the rest afterwards.


yes I know but mine is on the way for 3 weeks now… just wonder…
also the spreadsheet from 29 said there don’t ship any HMD in 2 Days from warehouse…



but in the company where I’m working:
Our chinese collegues informed us, that they switched saturday and sunday as working day. So, possibly three working days left, before CNY break.