Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



nice to know, thanks for that info.


but no 8k are shown as shipped yet


Same as my “5K BE”: from 56 in the spreadsheet are still 45 in the “building” tab
That means 80% of them are not built.

Let’s look at the bright side:
After they made all possible mistakes at assembling the 5K, they might have experience to finish ours at highest quality standards :laughing:


and here as official statement, while the exact dates depending on the area/district/state (?)
let’s see


No word from Pimax nor update on spreadsheet but my unit (5k+, switched)just showed up on UPS My Choice with a scheduled delivery of next week. Hoping it arrives sooner! Very excited and afraid of getting a dud as well. I wish it was only excitement. I plan on buyin an 8k later on in the year or early next hoping they make some improvements in that time.

Sign up for UPS MY Choice.


2,161 backer here for First 8K Full Package Ever

Fulfilled shipping form like 4 times already, nothing yet. EU


you are in building section of the spreadsheet row 194. i guess you have to wait


suuuuuuuuuuuuucks waiting when most others 6xxx have theres when in 1xxx number :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but hay at lest we know what problems to look out for :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@Pimax are you kidding?

I filled the survey 2 times with my adress and all but I am on Ship information unfilled…
Whats the problem?!


@Pascal51882 unfortunately the surveys were a complete disaster, there has been tons of threads and messages about them in the past.

You need to email them your address details and headset choice as per the latest Kickstarter email #36 yesterday.


I did it… now I can wait about two weeks more… really nice


What does " on the way " mean ? It has been on the way for several weeks…


I think it means: In transport (has left China) or waiting in customs. I think “shipped” means the package has left the warehouse in the destination region (US, EU, etc.)


Not so sure about “shipped”. Mine has been “shipped” for over a week. It doesn’t take UPS that long to deliver?


You know if you sign up for UPS My Choice…it’s free, you can see your delivery. I can see mine and never got a shipping notification from Pimax. But I can see it moving cross country towards me.

Why not be smart and check it out.


you don’t need a tracking number for that?


No. I didn’t know UPS My Choice existed, until I read about it on this forum (a few weeks ago). You will get notifications when any UPS package is sent to your address (with your name). You don’t need the tracking number.

[Replied]Shipping to Canada

As Neal says, nope. You just fill out your name and address when you create account and they will show you anything coming without the need for a tracking number(You go to manage UPS My Choice in Tracking drop down menu, shows a calendar). But the fact they show it to you allows you to get the tracking number from the details info they provide for each shipment.

Pretty cool and useful.

[Replied]Shipping to Canada

Maybe it has the same “Pimax” meaning as “built”, which meant not built? Like “improved panels” means panels that works. Or “be advised” means have a good day :wink:


Hi, what is the delivery company for belgium?
Dpd, ups or another?
What you think?
If it is ups i, that woud be nice to use ups my choice then :wink: