Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



It should be DPD, it’s the company that picks up the packages from the UK warehouse. UPS is only for amuricans.


Yes, i gues it is dpd too but no tracking number and the wait is sooooo long lol.
Im backer 68##, so not earlier backer but i had on first spreadsheet the status of leaving sh on 1/7. Now i hope for this week :wink:
Finger crossed


hope the same and had the same on the first spreadsheet. would be nice :smiley:
The Spreadsheet showed no HMDs been sent and a bunch on the way to oversea warehouse. Hope a big container full of goods arrive this week.


Yeah, my estimation is that canbe this week considering the whole of experience in this forum.
Checks every day,…every hour lol my mailbox.
But as other says, no tracking number means nothing.
And i dont think receiving one during chinese NY.
But, who cares, if the hmd arrive :wink:


I believe that DPD will send you the tracking number by email.
European backers even in the 2000s are still waiting.
Being 59XX delivery could be a week or even a month away.
Hope, change and a bottle of whisky.

The heaven is high and emperor far away.


Because it doesn’t work for business addresses!


The same here, they seemed to think random shipping is the way to go ;(


in the dpd app you can save email and phone number and if thats on the package it should appear in there too.


You mean without a tracking number?
I use the same mail and address, so if ithe app recognize this that would help? :wink:


I installed The App because of this myth. :wink:


Does the tracking info in the US come from UPS or an email from Pimax?


By the time Pimax gets around to sending you the tracking number you’ll likely already have the device in hand. I signed up for UPS MyChoice (free) and was notified by UPS (email and through the app) several days ago that the Pimax US warehouse had shipped the headset. Tracking shows it’ll be here in the next 2 days :slight_smile:


Yeah, but since I used my work address that doesn’t work. I’m curious if Pimax is the weak link in sending tracking info or if it’s their logistics company. I’m asking for people who already received tracking info.

@PimaxUSA where’s the weak link? How is it possible to have such a poor track record in sending tracking info?


I signed up but when i check the calendar there was nothing listed on my calendar for any shipment, Pimax has it listed as shipped, so i should be able to see it right but i cant… so either the site isnt working or pimax lied to me… i been checking my emails and front door for it but nothing


I recived DPD Parcel Number Thursday 31, but…

How long does it take?


First it was headsets without tracking numbers but now it’s tracking numbers without headsets :joy::rofl::crazy_face::star_struck:


I received exactly the same email on the same day with the same time in the tracking and no progress since then.

Maybe they are waiting for the headsets to arrive from China.


@PimaxUSA hi im aware you are very busy,but just want confirmation that my replacement is on its way to the uk warehouse as was told over 3 weeks ago it was at local uk warehouse ready to send then 1 week later told it will be added to the priority replacemant list which is on its way to uk,this was nearly 2 weeks ago so presume its near delivery.could you please confirm backer 2144 thanks


Hi - I would be happy to help if I could but the SH office during CNY is a ghost town and the will be nobody to verify transport with until the 11th. I can see the tickets but I can’t see the logistics status. I do know our largest shipment to the UK (more than all the remaining shipments there including the replacements) went out well before I traveled back to the states and that the existing supply in the warehouse there was depleted. Whether or not one of the previous units went to you I have no way of telling.


Thanks for the quick reply,i was told it was on its way to uk,will they be forwarded on when they arrive or will they be forwarded on after the cny thanks @PimaxUSA