Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



I suspect that’s the case, but kind of worried now as I haven’t received any such notification from DPD (I have the app and have an account with the same details as Pimax will be delivering to). Kinda looking like I’m not going to be getting my headset even when the shipment comes in :confused: Did you get notified that by email or did you have to create an account?


I got notified by email.


I was told by support,also got the app,if yours is in same consignment as mine its looking like it will get sent from uk when china return from cny as they organise final shipping via dpd and wont confirm that shipping will continue in there absence.


Yeah - exact same for me. I have an account with DPD too. I usually get notifications of other stuff say from Amazon etc, have heard nothing so does not look promising.


This is almost opposite to what @PimaxUSA was saying… he said:

“For most deliveries all the information is in there so deliveries that are in the pipeline should continue even during the holiday.”


Pimax USA relies on the information given by Pimax SH i guess, in that case we can’t blame him .
CNY is not over yet, but i doubt i will be receiving anything before at the very least end of the month.
What can we do, just wait…
Not easy i know but some backers does not even have info confirmed so could be worse…


IF the warehouse is depleted and pimax can’t hold onto the claims that they will ship immediatly, the suggested switch from 8k to 5k in order not to wait was in vain. I’m usually calm but this feels agrivating… I have no tracking number as I was promised to get it asap. So if I have to wait after CNY…again…I can switch back to the 8k. This flip flopping would be on Pimax, not on me.


och looks like you heard there was plenty of 5k in the warhouse ready to be posted directly to you ,but alas they were only just posted from SH .

feel for you but this is a common outcome here DISAPOINTMENT


Hi noro - I apologize for saying this but you slightly misinterpret my post. Previously I had stated that the units in the UK warehouse were used for replacements which I knew would not be received well by some but the goal is to provide solid information.

The claim we can ship immediately is actually a true one because more than the entire order base (i.e. a number greater than all 5K+) orders is indeed already shipped to the warehouse. There is a bit of a random element due to customs etc. but they are shipped including spares.


@PimaxUSA Will most European backers receive their 5K Plus HMDs before the tracking numbers are emailed like in the US is that a possibililty? (I am hoping to receive mine soon)


@PimaxUSA any news on pre orders? according the website, you should have started shipping them already.


That is true, I do rely on info provided by the office. However in this case I actually went to the logistics dept and saw the process. I think your package will almost certainly arrive at your door before the end of the month.


Same here, I also switched to the 5k+ because I don’t want to wait any longer. I still have no headseat and even no tracking number. Haven’t @Matthew.Xu mentioned that we will get the heatset immediately?


“almost certainly” ??? LOL. We have now February 5th and we have to wait until the end of month?? I am a german baker and the spreadsheet said “forward to overseas warehouse” 2 weeks ago. When will I get my damn Headset???


Hi - my post was a response to a prediction that a hmd would likely arrive after the end of the month and I was merely stating that I can’t imagine it would take that long considering they shipped well before I left the SH office. It wasn’t a prediction that shipments would arrive at the end of the month.


@PimaxUSA Could you confirm that the HK warehouse remains open and will continue to ship during CNY, or are they currently shut down? Thank you.


He isn’t going to answer lol. Anything related to preorder they will ignore.


Can you confirm that the spreadsheet is up to date and correct ? My unit is on the section that said shipped, but i check with UPS and they told me no shipment is on the way to my address


I really apreaciate your response. But this leaves me thinking. Why should Pimax offer to ship immediatly for those that switch, if in the end the 5k will arrive at almost the same time the 8k would have arrived? That feels pretty odd.


The answer to that is simple, we built many more 5K+. Because so many people switched we ran our production line mostly producing 5K+. It takes time to switch production between SKU’s. We’ve actually produced all the 5K+ and won’t complete the remaining 8K production until the production team returns.

It's Official Pre-Orders Shipping Before Backers - Are you Bothered though?