Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



The last minor refresh of the sheet was Feb. 1st. Next pass on it will be the 11th. One thing worth noticing is the sheet is now has a universal url so the next refreshes should be the same URL. On your shipment it can take some days for the 2nd stage shipper to show the shipment but there’s no way of verifying that in your case until the 11th.

When is a new spreadsheet coming?

In my experience Hong Kong logistics do shut down during CNY but they reopen earlier on the 7th or 8th.


so funny how any preorder questions are being ignored. why make a false promise?


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Not ignored, most of what I worked on was totally unrelated to shipping/logistics etc. beyond trying to get questions answered for backers here. When I was there people asked about various backer orders and I found the answers. In this case the office is empty until Feb. 11th (and I’m back in the USA) so I have no way to research that question. Not a conspiracy just lack of team members to consult on the CNY.


But Pimax stated oposite to your statement that 8k was not produced because they had panel shortages for the 8k and now you say they produced mostly 5k+ because of the many people switched.
1/3 kept there origenal pledge that is about 1500 headsets, so i don’t understand your comment. Can you explane this? Thanks.


Easy answer - both things are true. There weren’t as many 8k panels and we just outright had many more orders for the 5k+, once we did have the panels switching the line requires 2/3 to 1 full day and we were getting close to CNY. We did switch totally to 8k production right before the CNY but didn’t complete all the requirement.

We still haven’t completed all the 8K’s therefore switching meant faster shipping.


Just a casual reminder to all that pimax said they order 12,000 panels in Oct 2017.


Filing an order != receiving shipment.

The panels still need to be manufactured.


Just a little thing i learned from working both as an Machine constructor and working with logistics… ordered and delivered are not the same thing…

and suppliers do some time overestimate how many units they can deliver within an time frame… that are why there many times are fines defined in the contracts… but this do not solve the delay for the end customer.

if this are the case here i do not know… but it might be…


Just a small note - ordered and delivered not the same thing.

Here is a little more detail - the panel partner was unable to deliver them in quantity. Only in recent months did decent quantities begin to arrive, in fact the largest shipment of those panels will arrive a couple of days after factory reopens after CNY.

US Pre-orders being delivered
Can I haz my 8k Unit please?
It's Official Pre-Orders Shipping Before Backers - Are you Bothered though?

@PimaxUSA Can you reply to my question about 5K Plus I asked before will there be a possibility that some backers in Europe receive their HMDs before they receive tracking? I ask because it makes me feel more hopeful that I will get mine this month


I was more pointing to the question that without any tracking number till now, I am afraid that the 5k+ will be sent after CNY, same like the 8k.
So this sounds like far lot less “ealier” as claimed in the backers “switch-8k-to-5k-due-to-delay” offer. So the offer has no benefit for me if that is to be the case. Are the “stacked” warehouses in europe sending out units during CNY?


So just to be clear, some 8k backers will actually be waiting well into March for their headsets to be delivered ? Not shipped but delivered .


Firstly thank all of you dictionaries for being useful and quick to respon. Can I use you next time I need to write a paper? Second then why were we not told the manufacturer couldn’t supply them quick enough? Oh right it’s just more lies from pimax.


I would like to know too.@PimaxUSA are the overseas warehouses functional during the Chinese new year?


Ah I see. So IMHO at this point if a person hasn’t already switched it would have little effect on their shipment time because we’ll probably have the rest of the 8k’s built like 8 working days after the teams resume.


The only warehouse that closed for any days at all that I know of was HK and even they resume early. While we aren’t making new shipments this week, deliveries should continue just about everywhere. The only instances that would prevent it is if they attempt to contact the office for an address check.


@PimaxUSA, do you know how many 8ks were produced and shipped so far? The spreadsheet still states that #90 is in building state.


As an educated guesstimate, How long should a backer of a 5k+ Headset In the “to overseas wearhouses” tab expect to receive his headset?