Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



A clear and truthful communication is essential. Pimax stated, the the warehouse delivery takes 5-7 days depending on the region. Currently I would say this is wrong. Otherwise most headsets should have been delivered already.
Just to make clear, I really don’t mind if the delivery takes a few days longer. But I don’l like wrong information.


@PimaxUSA Not sure what you mean by this? Are you talking of the spreadsheet link in th op of this page or have i missed another link? The above, linked sheet, at least the “to overseas wearhouses” has not moved an inch. Since 29th.


~700 8K’s shipped and we produced at least 500 more right before CNY that haven’t gone out yet.


Our plan is to update the same file rather than changing URL’s each time. We wanted to make it easier to find the latest version.


Lots of random elements make precise time indexes not possible. All sorts of random elements, customs, warehouse transfers, stage 1 to stage 2 transfer and more. Sometimes logistic companies run like a top, sometimes they doesn’t. (Plus there is nobody at the company right now through Feb. 11th to gather further information from).


Yes sure but if you state a time window of delivery of 5-7 days i assume all random elements are included. As I said, I really don’t care about the a few days or weeks, but I do care about given information. So I would prefer if you Pimax say it can take up to three weeks.


OK but I have already switched more than a week ago…So lets hope that it is gonna make a difference otherwise I’d prefer staying with my OG pledge


Yes damn those random elements . You know what they say . A random element a day keeps my Pimax away . :crazy_face:


Are they resuming before the 11th?


Would you know the backer range that was shipped?


Do you have any tracking status for when the eu warehouse will get its shipment of headsets?

Were seeing tons of us and canada backers getting their tracking numbers, but very few europeans.


@PimaxUSA well done fella but your presence here reminds me of this. :rofl:


VERY good visual analogy of PimaxUSA here in the forums right now. :smiley:


Good idea to use the same file but the name of the file should be changed to reflect the date of last update. The date in the file name is currently 20190129.


The better way - remove the date from the file name and add it above the spreadsheet. :slight_smile:


Convert the sheet to a html webpage and publish online


Either way is fine. Important thing is to update the date!


I had the exact same promised that if i would switch i would get my HMD shipped immediately FROM THE oversea warehouse. So i’ve switched based on this promised and this was 2.5 weeks ago.

Now i saw that it was not only NOT shipped, but shipped from SH…

At the end i should have stick with the 8K… I still would like to stick with the 8K. Keep the 5K+ for replacement since you guys need it more…


Either way is fine. Important thing is to update the spreadsheet!


Did anyone’s status on the spreadsheet change after the 29th jan update? i’m beginning to go insane now since they’ll ship mine dead last FUCCCCCCCCCCCC