Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



I don’t know how is so hard to understand…
Spreadsheet will not get updated during CNY.
We are many in the same situation, and we wait, they are on holidays.


Sorry for your frustration. I haven’t seen the specific promise that was made to you but I can tell you *all 5K+ that are manufactured are also shipped. That is not the case with the 8K’s even today so you certainly cut down on the time by switching.


Yep, it is what it is. The next spreadsheet (assuming they post it) will shed light, maybe, on how many 5Ks were behind the CNY wall. in HK. Next week will be interesting. We may even get tracking first.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think he means this:

If you prefer to change to 5K+, please let support@pimaxvr.com know asap, better this month, before the holiday in Feb. you can get your headset at least ONE MONTH earlier if you switch to 5K+.
Some facts:

  • we have enough inventory for 5K+;

Made in this official post:



Not that it really matters at this point in time, but it always sounded dubious.
@PimaxUSA’s guess at CES was that all units would be shipped by mid February, so more conservative than what we heard here.
It’s already certain that it will be at least one week more, not a problem it was an estimate. I believe though that it will be 2-3 weeks though, producing in Nanchang and QA in Shanghai adds a few days. Also 800 backers with insufficient data.


There wasn’t a push, as was stated before at the time we had a shortage of those panels and the line was rapidly producing the 5K+. It was situational and they thought why not point out switching can cut down on the wait time. Both panel sets are now arriving nicely so not an issue anymore.


So where are the head sets, Is that shipped from pimax office to CH warehouse, OR… from CH warehouse to overseas warehouse ?



There wasn’t a push, but Pimax was kind enough to inform backers today of shortage, when it occurred months ago. It wasn’t an argument when they first offered to switch :wink:


Dude, from reading some of the posts here many seem to suffer from some social or cognitive comprehension disorder. It shocks me and makes me cringe what some here post. They just can’t grasp some things it appears.


This is one of the things that I find very annoying.

  1. As a company, you can do your best to forecast, order, plan, and inform about the parts/components you need arriving so you can do your job. If any single thing here doesn’t happen perfectly, then the customer screams you LIED to me!!

  2. So you make a new estimate on time frame for the customer based on what is now more up to date knowledge and facts. Now you try to do your job with these parts/components and you know what, sometimes it just doesn’t go as well as you thought it was going to for whatever reason. Maybe some of you have jobs with no responsibility and this never happens or maybe some of you are simply perfect. I know I made more than enough mistakes over the years that made my time estimate wrong. But the customer screams you LIED to me!!

  3. And then when the job is done, you arrange for shipping and once again, you hope everything goes normally and give a time estimate, but sometimes something happens with contacting the customer, or the shipping company, or a myriad of other possibilities. And once again, guess what the customer screams, you LIED to me!

Sometimes I think Pimax should never have given a time estimate on anything. Here’s the kickstarter price. When will we get it? “We don’t know, when it arrives at your door.” But of course, that’s not possible. All anyone can do is to make their best estimate each step of the way.

Have they made mistakes? I think so. It appears at least, that the survey thing was a complete error and certainly it seems like they have been overly optimistic at times. But I don’t think for a second, that they haven’t been trying their hardest for all of us.


They work muuuuch longer hours than I do (at least the forum reps anyways)!


Product development can be unpredictable, yes, but the physical delivery/shipping has a very small error margin, solely, because delivery companies have a tight schedule. According to some studies even mega-ships between CN and EU have a max delay of less than 20h.

Having said that, I don’t mind about a few days or even 1-2 week delay but please be honest.


You mentioned an 8 to 10 day time for new UK stock 10 days ago.

Any idea where that could be? Could we hope its actually reached the UK?

Its a bit disappointing to see 6xxx backers getting deliveries when I’m 22xx



Totally agree ,wtf should 5000 odd backer be receiving their hmd when backers like myself in lower 1000s havnt a clue when we are getting ours, stinks Big time, then when we do get them They are probably going to be faulty


Seems like @PimaxUSA secured the northern american orders while we bunch of Europeans especially you UK guys have been placed at the end of the queue. I know it is a speculation but it feels like this way when you have your headset to be on it’s way to the oversea warehouse for over a month and guys with Backer numbers as high as 7XXX already received their Units.


i just have a feeling that after CNY it will be oh yeah the UK stock will leave for SH shortly and then only 6 weeks to UK.

shipped is a very general term.


Where the UK rep? The guy in this vid

Shouldn’t he be the one helping out the UK dudes in the dark? MRTV makes it sound like this guy will be an interface for backers and Pimax customers. So where is he?


Looks like he is more of a sales guy promoting the Units don’t think he has much to do with support and if so he has done a bad job so far lol.


Yeah I did not see him as a support dude, but certainly one that is repping the UK and referencing serving backers so just the person I think that should have some info on where backer shipments might be. Not on a 1 to 1 basis but…general. I have confirmed there are hundreds in UK warehouse and being sent out currently…etc.


Good idea, but if you actually watched the video, you would find out that he names Kevin as the go to guy.
And Kevin said that all UK units were shipped off to Europe as replacements(any continental received a replacement unit with UK PSU? read of NL backer 1XXX still waiting for one).