Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



Not sure backer interest was in his job description and he has any inside knowledge of the whereabouts of the European (UK) headsets.

We had this statement already from Pimax directly weeks ago they even claimed to have a surplus in the UK warehouse for all backers but as it turned out this was not true.
The last statement from @PimaxUSA was all 5K+ Units + surplus had been shipped out now and it takes 8-10 days to the UK warehouse well that statement was now already 9 days ago.

I don’t remember the exact amount but i paid 50$+ dollar for shipping and considering how long it takes and that we not even get advanced notification of the shipment this amount is ridiculous.


I think they will hold of untill kickstarter orders finished then have him involved as we already know its a shit storm for us , we dont need him to keep telling us


Another push to get rid of 5k+ instead of 8k likly and lets not forget the suplus ready to go but waiting to be delivered to warehouse ?


I simply don’t know what to believe or think about it anymore. 1 day it is this the next day it is that…
Doesn’t even look like Pimax themselves is knowing what they are doing at the moment.

But the most frustrating part is i am a supporter of them and in my humble opinion they have 2 nice products but they fail to get their act together and function like a real company.

If they would spend less money on roadshows and just hire a guy for a month or 2 to clean up their backyard and straighten out their work process a lot of things would run smoother.
And they have to, rather sooner than later because they have started preorders to regular consumers and many things we backers have been forgiving will no longer work with regular consumers.

No one will care anymore if they call themselves a start up and if things go wrong it could finally brake their neck.

Edit: Just for comparison i ordered at VRCover Thailand on January 18th long after i was told my headset was on the way to the oversea warehouse. This is what i expect from a company like Pimax.


I am sure they’ve gotten the memo a few times already unless we are encountering the big firewall of Pimax :smile:.


Yes and as long as they don’t lower their firewall they will hear it over and over again and possible consumers will come here or on reddit and read about it about it again and will think twice before they place their order.

The headset is not the only problem they have i also pledged for the the base stations and the controllers they still have a long way to go to be finished with kickstarter so they better understand the memo instead of only reading it.


Even their chaotic AliExpress bazaar ships orders much faster than Pimax.


Is the community spreadsheet still alive?


It’s showing weak signs of life, the summary at the top is not updated but there are 5 entries for February.
Also the data is frequently getting jumbled, so I wouldn’t rely on any of it.


Only my IMHO - but KS shipping for Pimax should become a bad memory, not an example. As unfortunate as it is, Pimax KS campaign is limited to 6000 or 7000 units, took them a LOT of effort and resources for a limited period of time and it’s nearly over now.

If Pimax wants to become a good business, they should rely on their international partners to sort all shipping and warranty business.

For Pimax their 5K/8K business should be starting now, not when they started shipping KS orders. Of course people who are considering buying Pimax are looking at the KS backers feedback, but this may be important for them now and won’t be important in a few months. How many looking at the Rift KS backers feedback when buying Oculus now?

IMHO the most important thing for Pimax now is the hardware quality and SteamVR platform integration. This is what people will be looking for.


Did anyone’s shipping status even change in the 29th jan update?? this is so ANNOYING. they said 7-10 days to reach warehouse, then 7-10 days to reach us from the warehouse. it’s been more than 30 days man…why did they have to cheap out so much and use turtle speed shipping ffs? goddddd…

When are they back, in 2 days? I need an update man this is frustrating


Tommorow they are in back in office, but you are right its so fucking slow with the delivery. I loose interest and then you have to fear of problems with dead pixels, crashes ect. I was so nethusiastic 14 months ago, nothing is left now…


Finally!! … tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for.

Not that I will get my Pimax … but maybe I will get some news about when I will get my Pimax.


Dunno what you guys are talking about. Some areas of my brain are inaccessable due to safety concerns.


yeah LMAO imagine after all this wait we end up getting pimaxes with dead pixels…i’ll be PISSEEDDDDD


The “if you switch from 8k to 5k+ we can ship immediatly” - thing was a joke…
I understand that bad translation may occur die to culture differences/opposite connotations, but
this feels insulting as it was a clear statement
If enough 5ks are at the warehouse it’s not comprehensable that I have not gotten mine by now. Got the confirmation more than 2 weeks ago. Of course, I’m not surprised but I have hoped for Pimax to be grown as a company and at least send me a notification that they’ll send it after CNY…


This is what i think will happen,
They will be back in the office with tons of Suspen Ticket / Backers & Preorders emails (didn’t open or sent any) and also very probably emails from overseas warehouse to deal with.
All this assuming they haven’t been back behind the scene doing some work :slight_smile:
Good news is we should start getting tracking info and Spreadsheet update this week :crossed_fingers:t4:
Let’s give them a couple of days to see a bit clearer after CNY .


How do you know? And are you talking about everyone or just UK backers?


5k backers should be alright now its us 8k backers that are having the final word but at least they have stoped with the 5k preorders on pimax web site SOLD OUT they say ?


yep, the support side is not reachable at the moment

hmmm, friday, as the last ones…

Also the 5K BE seemed only sent to youtuber, nearly all backers are still in the building tab