Spreadsheet Update 18th Feb 2019



Pimax Forum employees are now like, “Brace yourselves… The shitstorm of a thausand years is about to happen in 5 hours”


Its just common sense if u leave negativity aside :smirk:


Common sense :joy::joy: be ready for unexpected surprises.


If I get my pimax next week I’ll eat my rift


yes its crazy that even the 5k be is up to speed with the 8k but concidering the 5k+ didnt take long its not suprising


if you do make sure heliosurge put your tag as early backer plus sauce :hamburger: :crazy_face:


I bet we are at least three weeks away from UK deliveries even starting again.

There will be some inane excuse


It will be 3 weeks until they will answer us here


i just got the witcher 3 on sale with dlc,s £10 ,should see me thro til my most antisipated 8k turns up


Supporter #6181, will receive 5k+ by 18:00 today, pay tax NT $143, Pimax in value to fill in 80 dollars?


Anyone here? @Dallas.Hao? @Matthew.Xu?


Shipping information from UK
Backer #54xx here 5K+ Germany

[Received Tracking Number]Any Update for UK Backers?

Yeah so it looks like the overseas warehouses wasn’t in fact sending the parcels during the CNY.

Now when the Pimax staff is back in the office, it magically happens.

Anyway, good news.


Yey got the same dpd mail now!!! #577X


Same one for me


Don’t even know what to say…


Wasn’t @PimaxUSA checking the UK shipment today?


yeah he was but no answer since yesterday, oh well.


We all know what it means when we don’t get answer, means we wont like the answer.


the day just begun maybe you get your number soon, mine was sent today in 8am uk i guess