Standalone Pimax VR gaming device with a more powerful CPU?



Hi there.

I pretty much joined the forums to ask this question.

I’m getting Oculus Quest as my first VR gaming device since I don’t have a powerful enough PC to run VR. But since it uses the Snapdragon 835 processor, VR games might get some visual downgrades for a mobile processor. But I was wondering.

Is there a chance that we might get a Pimax standalone VR gaming device with a more powerful processor than the Snapdragon series (Or at least the 855 processor or higher) in the future? VR gamers would love to have a standalone device with high-quality graphics instead of mobile-like graphics.


That would require a completely different kind of research. Pimax, as far as we know, have no micro processor research facility to undergo the task of coming up with a processor powerful enough to deliver the quality you asked. And to this day there is no mobile processor strong enough to deliver high quality graphics, not even from big companies like Qualcomm.

The key is in the name, mobile processor, hence they are intended to be used to deliver mobile-like graphics. If you are interested in Pimax for its large FOV, then you’re out of luck unfortunately the performance degradation would be even more severe with current generation of mobile processors.


Pimax has or had plans od an AiO Module fir pimax 5k/8k but at present if still planned who really knows of a timeline as controllers alone is an unknown commodity atm.