Star Wars Vader Immortal VR Review!



Note there are BIG spoilers so only watch the first few mins to get an idea of what they thought of it

at 16:00 they have a hands on with the new pirate game battle wake from Survios (Raw Data, Sprint vector)


Will this ever be available on Steam? Or do we need to to buy it from Oculus Store?


oculus but it should work on Pimax once its purchased.


The game works but vive controllers lost once yoiu make an action. You must Alt-Tab for recovering touch snap in game for every action you want to makje. Horrible


And what about valve index controllers ? Do they work great in this game ?


Vive controller work but u need revive. Using Pimaxs’ launcher is buggy and you will run into mapping issues.


Any new Updates with the new Pi Tool V1.0.1.180.Beta in this game ?