StarVR One specifications


yesss do you think you can publish a hands on impressions of it by this week?


The resolution they have chosen is very curious, it’s almost 3:2 pixel ratio counting both screens, but spanning on a such wide degree FOV the pixel dot would render the pixel very rectangular horizontally, probably leading to a very aliased effect, they must have used some new type of pixel matrix on these custom panels, otherwise, bad SDE is to be expected.


We need tests in game enviroment, not commercial apps and this is not going to happend imho.
Lots of games will require dedicated fix for this headset ( correct scale, ipd, resolutions) but with price around 2000~10000$ devs will not going to support it for dots - rich enthusiasts. And again youtubers creating hype about this HMD which is great only for their # but folks can loose money here for not gaming supported device.


Almost 3:2 (pretty much) fits the FoV of 210°:130°, doesn’t it ?


I don’t understand starvr logic… They would sell 10x more to consumer… Why don’t they sell to both markets?

I just can’t get my head round it :frowning:


That’s a valid point, as it’s none cosumer, I don’t see it working with steamvr… But that’s just a guess, but I really have no idea


This must surely be a way to justify a high price , avoiding Vive pro type condemnation , It will most probably work fine with most steam vr games


Search vr news google… It works with steam!


Yes, STARVR ONE it’s for Steam VR Tracking 2.0 and there is another version, STARVR ONE XT, for OptiTrack too.


since you are one of the few people on earth who have used pimax 8k i look forward to your opinion on there implementaton of the lenses im curious if star vr got the distortion hamdled right out of the gate or if they will tweak it for 2 years and right up until launch .

p.s do you think you can convince star vr to make you an M1 tester…lol?


why do you hate it? which one did you try?


pretty sure pimax is also using rgb stripe at 4K

so no star VR wont beat it. where it will beat it is black levels and possibly distortion.

these guys seem to realize that eye tracking can solve distortion

hopefully pimax does.

however with pimax eye tracking is an optional piece so i dont know what the priority is going to be with that.


Well it will beat the Pimax 8k at:

  • Horizontal FoV (210 vs 170)
  • colours, especially black level
  • brightness

Where it might or might not beat Pimax 8k:

  • tracking (?)
  • distortion (?)
  • durability (?)
  • software compatibility (?)
  • resolution (?) (depending mainly on the lenses)
  • SDE (depending on panel specifics and the lenses)

Where Pimax 8k will beat the StarVr One:

  • Price

We’d really need an in depth review to learn more about this HMD and how it compares to the Pimax 8k


Well, for a commercial HMD probably priced at a couple of thousands of Euros, you can bet it will beat the 8K. But that may come at the price of higher weight though.


I think they will be structured differently as one is OLED and the other is LP-LCD?

If the Pimax has less SDE than the StarVR then that will be a huge bonus. I hate SDE and try to tune it out but when I see it I can not un-see it and start looking for it just to make myself upset. It is like spotting a dead pixel for the first time. For some reason you hunt it out thereafter. So I hope you are right.


I purchased a dell ,the extra pixals was noticeable but the screen its self was terrible the brights were to bright (not talking you can adjust settings here)and if you tuned them down it would lose color definition (led for the win)and the extra pixals would be lost
the lens,s were a joke to begin with (i have vive with the lusty samsung,s lens)
but as time went on i stopped laughing as my neck was sore from all the moving of my head i had to do just to keep in the sweet spot and of course they are fresnel so everything is covered in glitter when you look round
spent two days without controllers
(had to buy bluetooth dongle for them ?)some forward thinking there .
would only fit to my face when i had it cranked up real tight and uncomfortable but in the end a little light seeping in didn’t make the experience any worse .
i reverted back to my vive which i had previously had doubts about
and was overwhelmed at how much better in every way it was although the lens,s (stock)are terrible .
i would have got the samsung if available at not silly price but if it also has fresnel and lcd i can see my self getting the vive pro but i do have to say if its a buy and try item there as cheap as the feel right now ,O and the 3.5 m cable
and i still dont get how a £30 gear vr head set has better lens than a £800 unit why is the vr world still fussing with fresnel


Yes, but think a minute how the screen is wide in both the StarVR and Pimax, they both use two rectangular panels coupled together, so the resulting would be something more close to the 21:9 ultra wide monitors ratio, since the width is around double the height, that’s why in my opinion pixels would look ugly and very elongated horizontally on such a resolution they declared for the StarVR.

But the info on the resolution was advertised differently in two articles, so it’s better not to make any prediction until some official accurate specs will be known.


StarVR needs consumers badly.

IMAX is shutting down their arcades (German VR site VRODO) (Tip! use google translate)

Das Potenzial nicht ausgeschöpft?
Ein grundsätzliches Problem der Imax-Arcades dürfte sein, dass sie kaum Mehrwert gegenüber Heim-VR bieten. Die Imax-Standorte sind zwar aufwendig eingerichtet, nutzen jedoch nur handelsübliche Geräte wie HTC Vive und Oculus Rift. Die Highend-Brille StarVR kommt nur bei speziellen VR-Erfahrungen zum Einsatz.

English Translation: the arcades dont have an added value to the VR experience.

German again: Andere Spielhallen machen vor, wie es gehen könnte: Die Highend-Arcade “The Void” bietet ein technisch außergewöhnliches und soziales Erlebnis in Verbindung mit einer großen Marke. In einem Star-Wars-Erlebnis stürmt man gemeinsam mit Freunden eine imperiale Basis. Man riecht Lava, spürt Gegenwind oder ballert mit realistischen Plastikwaffen (Testbericht). Im Unterschied zu Imax expandiert The Void gerade weltweit und plant weitere Standorte.

That means IMAXs StarVR is depending on consumers very much real soon. Or they are going down the drain. The Void arcade is doing far better. They are expanding worldwide. I don’t know what the pricerange of StarVR will be. It will be exciting to know though.

StarVR One VS Pimax 8k?

Don’t expect miracles; I don’t think they will lower prices to compete with Vive Pro, for example. They would have to make another product of inferior quality.
I think they’re looking for other companies as clients now, they haven’t made public videos or anything.


@SweViver, it seems they have a delegation in Stockholm, I would have met them if I were you.