StarVR One VS Pimax 8k?


Hmmm … That’s probably correct. But is that a problem with some engines? Where did you find that?


Not a problem at all with rendering engines, it just needs additional effort from game developers to add support for the 2 additional render targets. So a game would need some specific adaptation for StarVR One in particular. And since most game developers are not really interested yet in porting their AAA games to VR, it’s even more unlikely to see big games ported specifically for StarVR One. Maybe Acer will develop a “plug-n-play” solution that would work with any VR game, hopefully.


Are you sure about that? Isn’t there some trick around it? Like doubling the frame rate and alternating camera position?


The 2 render targets per eye have different projection matrix, with perpendicular orientations of the two cameras. It means it needs to render 2 times. Here the nVidia Lens Shading might help, although I am not sure if it works with perpendicular cameras. But in any case it needs some effort from the game developer, meaning that very few games will have support for StarVR One. I hope I am wrong though.


Well it’s an interesting notion. Will have to check this with them before buying this thing. If it’s not widely supported then I’ll skip it.

While they say it’s not for consumers, they advertise on their website with quite a few pictures of games. So I still think (hope) they’re going for the prosumer market which means it would need to work with the big engines.


MRTV tried “The Lab”, so it definitely it is possible to run Steam VR games on StarVR One. I am curios if Acer tweaked “The Lab” in some way to work on StarVR One, and if they can teak other SteamVR games.


Speaking a ACER would be surprised if they down try to have a smaller mass market version in less than 2 years.


I would think the pictures of games are because they intend to sell to the arcade market among other entities.


That’s possible indeed …


IIRC, it’s not until the Turing generation that 4 POV renders were supported in hardware by Nvidia (Pascal only supported 2 simultaneous renders). That implies some software wizardry going on at StarVR.



I just wanted to point out that StarVR has an animated gif on their own webpage that shows Project Cars 2 running on the unit. Take a look here:

This to me is quite encouraging and leads me to believe that if they have PCars 2 already running on the headset. I’d like to think there’s a good chance quite a bit of VR games will run on it natively. If Im not mistaken, even in Sebastian’s video where he visited StarVR, he got to sit in the cockpit of a car in PCars 2. I wish he would have gone into more detail on how the game looked and ran while he tested the unit though.


Anyone notice StarVR lists two version of the HMD, The StarVR One and the StarVR XT?


One is steam vr and xt other tracking


“Project CARS runs on Slightly Mad Studios’ proprietary MADNESS game engine”. It’s possible that StarVR contacted them for some changes. I guess we’ll indeed have to wait for more info …


this looks a lot like the diagram for the rtx series multi view rendering.

is this similar/the same tech?


“Multi-View Rendering enables next-gen headsets that offer ultra-wide fields of view and canted displays… A next-generation version of Single Pass Stereo, Multi-View Rendering doubles to four the number of projection views for a single rendering pass. And all four are now position-independent and able to shift along any axis. By rendering four projection views, it can accelerate canted (non-coplanar) head-mounted displays with extremely wide fields of view.”

The difference to StarVR One is that nVidia draws the 4 projection views in a single rendering pass. StarVR One uses 2 pass rendering. So it seems Multi-View Rendering is more efficient.


many thanks. part of me wants to be really excited about it for 8k but then i remember how many games used single pass stereo :frowning:


From the expression “we will not restrict consumers to buy StarVR One”, I assume the focus will not be towards retail consumers. The automotive, aerospace industries who run simulations will not have a problem creating their own content for StarVR One. But if they allow retail consumers to buy it, I assume there has to be some minimum amount of VR content to justify buying StarVR One.


Maybe a dumb assumption but I thought that even if the 8kx was available now the detail of most all games /experiences would not look much better as the developers simply have not put that much detail into them


I think it depends on the game. Most major VR titles were developed for GTX 970 and Rift / Vive. Case in point: Skyrim seems to be one of the better VR games, but it’s a DX9 IIRC game from ages ago. When enough folks have 2080 or successor cards and foveated rendering is commonly supported I think you’ll see some stunning visuals on 8K-X (and comparable HMDs). I’m looking forward to trying Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice on the Pimax and hoping it doesn’t melt my 1080 Ti.