StarVR One VS Pimax 8k?


That’s certainly true of some VR games, but not all.

Elite Dangerous, flying, and racing games can all display a LOT of details. A simple game, like Beat Sabre probably won’t look any better, but watching movies, looking at your virtual desktop, and reading small in-game text will all be noticeably better on an 8KX.


I don’t think that’s a dumb assumption at all, and it could heavily depend on how texturing was handled, whether or not micronormals were used , how heavily optimised it was etc.

Irrespective of how the games textures were done though, there would always be an improvement in distance vision. Distance vision on the vive is absolutely terrible. archery in skyrim, or driving in project cars i found really really suffered, really made you aware you were in vr, while everything within 50 feet made you feel like you were in skyrim. being literally on my knees, with a torch in one hand , crawling through a tomb in skyrim was honestly one of the most immersive experiences i have had in vr in last 12 months, and had a lot of moments that brought back that shine you felt first time in vr. I’m hoping that the 8k will expand that bubble of high fidelity out to a few hundred feet of clear vision but i dont know how realistic that hope is.


Absolutely. I need an 8KX :slight_smile:


Which movies? I don’t think there are any higher than 5k SBS movies and you’d need a lot higher to make optimal use of it. 5k 180 SBS movies for example aren’t even maxing out the Vive Pro. Or if you’re talking about 2D movies, then a high FoV HMD like the Pimax (or StarVR) isn’t exactly very suitable for that since you’d need only about 60 degrees.

For regular movies you’d have MUCH better quality with this thing: which is a ‘5k’ (2x1440p) HMD compressing the view to 66 degrees so that’s going to be very high PPD. Bad thing about that particular HMD is that it’s super heavy and comes with a standard, LOL. But the idea is pretty nice (compressing 5k into 66 degrees)

Then again, if Pimax could develop custom lenses for the Pimax 8kX for movie viewing (compressing 2x4k into 66 degrees), THEN it would be an awesome movie viewer


Well that only applies to textures seen up close. Distant stuff will be comparable with normal VR up close.


Lets hope the developers start increasing the quality for these high end hmd’s


Hellbla: Senua’s Sacrifice has no stunning visuals. Again I was fooled in buying a hyped stunning visuals game. If you really want to see stunning visuals just get The Vanishing of Ethan Carter. That is the only VR game with realistic visuals. Period.


the problem is as always the file sizes for super crisp textures , slowly getting better though


When in God’s name is Euclideon coming out with their supposed texture polygon limit solution called atoms?

Or is that all BS. I feel the industry might boycott such innovation because of invested interest


Maybe the entertainment businesses? Much closer to home needs and games


Agreed on that, Senua looks nice, but Ethan is gorgeous. (wth?)


Thanks for the hint regarding Ethan Carter, will have a look at this!
I really liked the Senua game. The well-translated mimics and gestics of the main character were a new landmark for me that I haven’t seen like that before. Considering that they had a far from triple-A budget the result was really impressive (imho even if you don’t consider the budget).
Story was interesting - but short.
Didn’t play this in VR though. Perhaps they tune down fidelity too much in that mode? On a monitor with everything on it looked imho very nice.


Mrtv said it works with all steamvr games. And I’ve heard the company say they have a tool that makes it work as well.


Ethan is made with photogrammetry, real pictures of nature converted into 3D. The effect is outstanding:


Wow that is great news aesopfabled! Hopefully we get even more confirmation on this as we reach closer to the date and price reveal.


Yes. Photogrammetry makes it so realistic. I hope this technique will be used more in the future, at least in VR. I made some VR environments with photogrammetry myself and it looks amazing.


It would be interesting to know, how they do it. From what I read, StarVR uses four views, which means, somehow, one needs to set up those views in the renderer. Even if they provide their own drivers which will split two “classical” VR views into four, one has to also supply the additional geometry for the side views, which will normally be not rendered on low FOV VR headset.

So I wonder, how would they do that, without actually modifying the games, either for the two additional views, or for the additional geometry.


If you want to see gorgous visuals try out Titanic Honor and Glory Demo 3. Best looking game out there right now.


again this not thru the lenses animation , looks more like video editor creation grabed from monitor, note that both examples - low fov and star vr fov have the same resolution, without distance blurr shimering and so on…


Many games (like first person shooters) allow for an FOV setting. Elite Dangerous seems to work OK with an FOV of 200°. That would ensure the geometry is there, but you’d need to set the FOV of the 4 cameras to something appropriate.