StarVR One VS Pimax 8k?


mate…when i first tried the vanishing of ethan carter vr through my vive, i was playing for an hour and for a moment i got REALLY immersed because of how real it looked, and i told myself at that instant “if the fov was bigger right now, i’d legit fool myself into thinking i’m there”

and then the pimax got announced a few weeks later and that’s where i decided i’ll stop playing that game until the pimax comes, oh man i really can’t wait


well, dont hype yoursef to munch , in this kind of games where you have vertical geometry ( buildings , trees) Pimax distortions are very distracting unless you get use to it or they fix them somehow…


i’ll just use the 170 fov option nw


that’s the larger one :slight_smile:


I loved the game on my Pimax 4k, got really VR sick each time though, thought it might have to do with the 60 hz on Pimax. Then tried it on the Vive Pro, same thing. This game is only for people with high tolerance of VR sickness I guess. Too bad because it’s indeed stunningly beautiful


I hate to utterly disappoint you, but no - this is simply the mother of all puke-inducers (Adrift being the father) !
I nowadays manage to play it for 30-60 minutes, but in my first months of VR, when I started to grow my VR legs, this would be the one which would mercilessly chop them off, spit on them and walk away whisteling.

This is a fine example of how to NOT implement locomotion. You hardly notice the difference to say Fallout, Skyrim etc., but they did do something wrong the others figured out.


Lots of people have. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter appears to be one of the worst games, as far as VR sickness is concerned. I wonder if part of the problems is that it looks so real. It’s possible that high FOV will change the nausea factor, but for better or worse, we don’t know yet. (There have been conflicting reports, so it may depend on the game/app, refresh speed, FOV, pixel density, etc. It’s probably some combination of those factors.)


If the game allows high FOV setting, like you say ED does, I guess they could provide a wrapper around the gfx API/driver which will internally split two FOVs (VR standard for two eyes) into four FOVs. It however still depends on the game, without the high FOV support (or specific rendering options for multi-view) it will not work.


From your experience with the 8K do you think wider FOV will help with VR sickness? Or will the distortions make it worse?


I’m more into seated games - racing/flight/space sims. Skyrim VR is only the one game I was walking in Vive ( around 50h) and 10 minuts in Pimax 5K, I dont have many exp. but for me was ok in both HMDs. I guess I grown quite strong belly.


This is in. Complete contradiction to what starvr has said about the Star vr one, which is it has a setting to make it work with 3rd party apps, also confirmed by mrtv to work with all steamvr games,


From what I can tell the engine is good at static models but physics and lighting have to be added using conventional methods. They have some demos of movement, but no word on whether the engine handles movement intrinsically or if it’s been added using other methods. I think it has potential, but currently the team is pairing their engine with proprietary hardware in an attempt to revive the 1980’s arcade model. Good luck to them. :sob:


Wow thanks for this. I’d never heard of it before. It’d obviously take serious hardware to implement but my god is it a fantastic concept to stare at :smiley: I watched a couple of Youtube clips from the Atomontage website after you mentioned this. Something just seems soooo intrinsically right about it to me (not an expert, don’t ‘Pimax forum me to death’). I hope this or something similar arrives in the future. Imagine everything being destructible and falling down using accurate physics! ‘Worms’ eat your heart out! :heart_eyes: :laughing:


Yea the idea is great, especially combined with photogrammetry. You would preferably have all the data in a datacenter and have it streamed to your headset but latency is key here.


I don’t understand why people get sick playing this lol, i use a wireless ps4 controller to play this, not a keyboard and mouse. And i turn physically around, i don’t use the right stick for turning. Because it’s a head oriented movement locomotion (as opposed to controller orientied like pavlov skyrim fallout onward serious sam etc…) using a controller with dual sticks works MUCH better than using touchpads on the vive. It’s sooo much easier to control and way less nauseating


I only have a 4K and use a wireless xbox controller. I have had no issues with playing Ethan. The right stick is only used by me to reposition myself a bit


I must have missed where MRTV said it works with any SteamVR games or when StarVR One said that. I hope it works.


He did say it in the first video


so if StarVR is going to be priced at over 2k then how much new Pimaxies are gonna be?


Me too because it uses a 4 camera setup to get less distorted FOV, game engines presumably must use their SDK to allow a 4 camera rig as most game engines support standard VR setups like SBS. They showed The Lab working but not sure if that was recompiled or was using a normal 2 camera setup (less benefits).