StarVR's brewing something in the kitchen?


This is interesting:


Hmmm is it lasagna :smiley: ?


Please, I’m on a diet right now, don’t mention Italian food…!


wonder how much their 5k wide FOV headset ( just guessing ) will be , looks like pimax may have been pipped at the post


US date formating (mm.dd.yy) always looks so strange to me…


Dam it only saving for gpu at the moment,will have to rashen the beans if this isnt going to need a morgage in


Already a thread on this one here: New Starvr Wide FOV Consumer Headset Coming Soon


Missed that, thanks for heads up.



I’m a programmer that was born and raised in the US. So I’m used to the US date format… That said… I would be soooooo happy if US date formatting could go die in a toxic sludge filled ditch… It has caused me so many problems.

It is such a pain in the ass to work with.


Closimg duplicate thread.