Status of Brightness Control


I’m not at home right now. I’ve tried it yesterday quickly, I don’t think it changed much over HIGH_1 though, but I’ll need to look closer again I guess :slight_smile:


I’d say there is a significant change between HIGH_1 and HIGH_2, but I think you start loosing contrast and the blacks begin to appear a bit grayish. After experimenting I personally prefer 1, but it’s good to have the option to increase it further if I ever need to :slight_smile:

BTW, you don’t need to restart Steam VR to change between brightness levels, you can do it in the middle of a game so it’s easy to compare.


Noticeable change, indeed. As jjvvgg, mentions about the colors. It begans to wash them out slightly. If it’s not too much trouble, I’d like to know the lower than normal brightness settings as well, sjefdeklerk.

Wondering how close ReShade in Extended mode can match or come close to LEVEL_HIGH_1.



all levels:
Low_level1: 10033001
Low_level2 :10033002

High_level1: 10033011
High_level2: 10033036

Level_normal: 10033000

Washed out display
Dark vertical line in center of right eye when I move

Ok, normal level same as before (dim) ot better?


Hello sjefdeklerk ~!
I made a video using your amazing information.
I was able to see how bright it was while changing the brightness.
Thank you for your information.


Drift has not dissapear 100%. It has been improved but some yaw drift remains in certain cirsumstances



Can’t download :

my antivirus gives an alert for a suspect element !
(win32:Evo-gen (susp))


So use that brain of yours and disable your Antivirus…


Yeah cause hackers don’t exist…

"How did Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] infection got on my computer?

The Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] virus is distributed through several means. Malicious websites, or legitimate websites that have been HACKED, can infect your machine through exploit kits that use vulnerabilities on your computer to install this Trojan without your permission of knowledge."

Since you so graciously replied to my query and have total confidence, would you be so kind and download it for me and send it to for inspection like it is suggested here:

Is Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] a False Positive?

Files reported as Win32:Evo-gen [Susp] are not necessarily malicious. For example, users can be tricked into using non-malicious programs, such as Web browsers, to unknowingly perform malicious actions, such as downloading malware. Some otherwise harmless programs may have flaws that malware or attackers can exploit to perform malicious actions. Should you be uncertain as to whether a file has been reported correctly, we encourage you to submit the affected file to to be scanned with multiple antivirus engines.
In most cases, Avast users are trying to download pirated software, and the Avast Web Shield will pop-up with the following alert:

Suspicious file blocked!

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Infection: Win32:Evo-gen [Susp]
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If you have seen the above Avast! Web Shield alert, then your computer should not be infected with malware, because Avast should has blocked the infected file. If the notification persists, we recommend that you follow the below removal guide.

And please post the results.
Thanks in advance.


Never heard of false positives? Keep scanning the file, have fun!


Yeah and also about trolls !


I was able today to download with no warnings from avast !


sjefdeklerk… truly appreciate ur indepth analysis n efforts to help us out here…
hats off…

ive been reading ur posts on blue filter as well…
so finaly is the cool colors to be set ON or OFF… for more brightness ?
n how to make pimax remember that setting for always ?

also can u guide us about how to set the brightness level 2 for always ?
as weneva i start the computer… i dont want to send thoz commands again all the time…

thanks again …


You can select ‘turn on cool colours’ in your piplay settings, this will configure the panel to allow for more blue colours = worse for your eyes. I personally don’t like the effect neither so I suggest to not use this setting.

For the brightness, open the debug tool in your settings and enter one of these commands:

Low_level1: 10033001
Low_level2 :10033002

High_level1: 10033011
High_level2: 10033036

Level_normal: 10033000

Everything gets saved to your headset’s EEPROM so you only need to change it once.


i just checked on the device info of debug tool… but it shows level normal of brightness always after a restart …
seems it starts with level normal and warm color by default on a fresh start up …
so i guess its always we have to put in the command after a restart to change the brightness level…??


It is related to usb cable connection. There are options that are initialized when you unplug the USB cable, which also includes brightness. However, the mode of pimax is stored unchanged.


so i think we need to send commands … after a restart always


Again, brightness values are stored in the HMD’s eeprom and thus will surive reboot. If it doesnt, something is wrong.


thats right… but i guess… in my hmd… its not recognizing the command after a restart…
no worries… will enter commands always… thanks sjefdeklerk :slight_smile: