Steam vr error 306


I bought pimax 4k feb 2018 and it has been working like a dream. Using it with xp11 , il2 and dcs.
But yesterday there came a new update for steam and steam vr & after that headset not detected anymore no matter what i do.

(Error: Shared IPC Compositor Connect Failed (306)).

Installed latest version of pimax software and latest nvidia drivers for my gtx1060 did not help. Uninstalled whole steam vr and reinstalled, problem presist.

Os that is use is windows 10 pro x64 2.5 build 1709

  • Can anyone confirm is pimax 4k still working with latest version of steam and steam vr or is this a common problem.

Next step i will reinstall steam, if that do not help will install windows 10 to another ssd and test how it works on a clean install.


Solved the problem!! Just for your information if anyone else have the same issue.
(Error: Shared IPC Compositor Connect Failed (306)).

Easy solution was
=>> open steam => go in to=>> library =>> tools =>> right click on steam vr =>> choose the beta tab & choose beta version of steam vr.

After that working fine… :slight_smile:


It did not work here. Since today I can not use my Pimax in STEAM.

I get errors 400 and 306.


I also updated my gpu drivers and reverted back to older piplay version .


Thanks for answering. I updated the video drivers but did not try another PiPlay. Which version you have installed?

PiPlay old versions can not detect my HMD, infinite loop bug.

"For those continuing to have issues with the latest major SteamVR update, this build is provided to temporarily roll back to the last non-beta version prior to this update.

This build matches the one originally posted on 6/21/2018.

Anúncio: SteamVR Updated (1527117754) - Hotfix
SteamVR, 21 de jun
SteamVR has been hotfixed with the following change. SteamVR Home: Added unlockable collectibles for Moss, Apex Construct, Nevrosa: Escape, and Trains VR, plus the Vive Pro headset and a Steam Summer…

To switch to this branch:
Right-click on SteamVR in your Steam Library.
Select Properties.
Navigate to the BETAS tab.
From the drop-down, select ‘v1527117754 - 6/21/2018 hotfix’.
Close the dialog and wait for Steam to finish updating SteamVR."