Steamvr 1.6.10 Update Reveals


doubt it. They are can only speak to headsets they official support and have tested.

They have no idea what PiTool is doing before it hands it off to SteamVR.


wish I was educated enough not to have backed it so early.


Well aa I think Risa said that includes Vive Pro not being listed as Valve seemed to make a point of saying og vive.


Thank you. I am going to try and let you know


This might help if you’ve used too many different headsets on your system during time…


My Index Controller dont work propperly in games anymore since the newest steam vr update. I am using pi tool 180.


Neither with the htc vive nor the pimax …controllers arent working in arizona sunshine and onward . In onward I got no hands with htc wands controllers and index controllers and same goes for the pimax. I did reinstall steam vr like 3 times already and games too . no positive result it is still not working WTF !!!


Even with the original htc vive it doesnt work . steam vr 1.6.10 update ruined vr for me at the moment !


Thats the sh1t since valve brought out their HMD… They program towards the Index… Testing with other devices falls short…


That’s the unfortunate thing about any company. Now we can give MS credit as they give the option to defer major updates so 3rdparties have more time to implement fixes.

With Valve look at how often they have broken Vive trackers in HTC vive even. :weary:


After reiinstalling everything and cleaning all lighthouse station files it works now …but still agrrr :rage:

Is it possible to deactivate steam vr updates ?


Right click on Steamvr in your library. If like otger steam content you should be able to disable auto updates.


should …but I cant :smiley: there is no " I dont wanna have Updates " button :smiley:


Do other programs have it listed? Haven’t really looked fot it bur have read your supposed to be able ar least in Games & programs. Do know it usually shows a variety of options with rightclick