Stretch goals: Not interested in lens frame or face fan. $50 coupon instead?

As the title says, I would rather like to receive a coupon instead.

I get pressure on the nose with low IPD settings and cannot wear my glasses in the HMD with the default face cushion kit. The comfort kit - although the lack of comfort with the original headsets is no fault on my part - is very expensive with its $50.

Honestly, I would have expected that all backers would receive this quality-of-life upgrade for free. When I attended the backer meeting in Berlin back then I was told that there would be an alternative face kit allowing for the wearing of glasses.

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Yeah there was the new face gasket as shown on a couple of Kickstarter updates a go that seemed to indicate we’d get that newer one with face foam. Was said to give more space for glasses. But seems to have been axed for the Pimax heat seal cowl comfort kit at a cost. Of course not compatible with cooling kit.

I just want the face mask we were shown.

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