Stretch Goals, Status



Hi @pimax

i’ve tried to find out the status of the stretch goals. A lot of threads are opened but it’s hard to see through them all one by one. Perhaps this is the better way to provide updates collected in one thread instead of in the individual separate threads. I don’t want to build pressure, but it’s hard to figure out a status.

My most pain is the short cable. I really need a longer one.
In principle, it would not be wrong to be able to give an approximate timeline.
Perhaps there is already a thread like this and i haven’t seen it?


Opening another thread wont help at all…

The status is simply: Just radio silence about the stretch goals

We got an estimate of Q3 - Q4 for the most, Wireless propably next year…


Let’s see it this way:

It’s an investment for the future. Pay in 2017 and maybe recieve controllers and LH’s somewhere in 2025. My 6 y.o. son will be 12y by then and the graphics cards of the future will have no problems with the “wide” fov-setting. So he can fully enjoy it someday when dad’s old and tired! …of waiting. LOL :joy::sob::thinking::stuck_out_tongue::upside_down_face::fearful::scream::face_with_thermometer::sleeping:

Or… In other words: I’ve learned to laugh about it, instead of wondering WHEN.


there are two kinds of items in stretch goals.
the ones you cannot live without and the useless ones.
for instance, it is not even about stretch goals since we are waiting for the base station and trackers that are very important to use a VR helmet and are badly missing and expensive to replace. (count 400$ to grab some form HTC)
for the usefull ones, like the face cushion, headstrap, prescription glass frame, they are all availble from third party or DIY for cheap so there is no reason to wait if you really need it.

the eye tracking is totally useless since no real application is currently using it .
the wireless woudl be great, but if you can live on extension cable (some good quality usb and display port should work), it is workable since the technology seems not ready either.

the one that is really missing is the hand tracking module, since it was already demoed in it final form and you can actually use it with some applications