Subnautica Below Zero goes Early Access tomorrow 30.01.2019



Hope they will have VR support as in original Subnautica and that I’ll have my 5K+ soon…


Unfortunately no VR support, hopefully yet:

Originally posted by Obraxis:

Sadly we don’t think we’ll be able to do VR justice. Not because we don’t love VR (we do) or all own multiple headsets (we do)…We wanted to do a better job with SN1 but time and availability of people was difficult. We just don’t want people having a bad experience in VR for Below Zero, so we’re likely not doing it unless we can find the time. Making the game itself is the top priority.


That is sad news… Even those Subnautica wasn’t perfect for VR I truly enjoyed it in VR. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the game nearly as much playing on a monitor. Looks like I’ll pass on this sequel unless they change their minds and do a VR version.