Subnautica free on epic games


Free on Epic Launcher store until the 24th December. Picked mine up last night, took a while to get it working in vr, but it is now working.



Great thanks for let us know ! Too bad the game seems to be still quite buggy, I’m stuck at the Game menu’ , wmr controllers don’t work and mouse did nothing either…


I just started playing this game yesterday. I’m using a ps4 controller. It works quite well actually!


Ok, partially solved, game apparently defaults to a console type controller (x360, XboxOne and PS4 are supported) , the mouse for some reason has an invisible pointer that has a very erratic response, almost impossible to use to control game menus, so either it is played in VR with one of these controllers or it is played in normal monitor screen by adding the -vrmode none parameter in Epic Store options.

Game is quite cool but I really don’t like using a console controller in first person games :-/


You might get used to it. That’s how I played re7 and that is an awesome vr experience!


Yea I am using mouse and keyboard… Found an option when in vr view that is called something like headlook mouse or something like that… Makes it so wherever I look I can swim with wsad, there is also a pointer for you to select menu items but it was really hard to enable unless you have a controller… Took me over a hour!